5 Best Online Teaching Platforms

There has been quite a bit of change in the way students are taught by teachers. The change has happened obviously because of improved technologies. The internet is the biggest driver of changed methods of teaching. Online education is becoming quite popular and is growing quite aggressively. In such a teaching environment, the teacher and the student could be located quite a distance away. The teaching is done with the help of computers which is connected to the internet. There are audio visual tools and other accessories available which make it possible for teachers to teach conveniently and students to learn things almost in a class-room like environment. This method of teaching removes the barrier of time and distance because of internet connectivity.

There are many online platforms for teaching and each one of them could be unique and different in its own ways and means. We will look at five such online teaching platforms and draw a comparison between them. It will help customers to have some knowledge about the various things to be considered when it comes to choosing the right online teaching platform.

1. Teachable

Teachable, over the years has become a popular online teaching platform or a quality LMS (Learning Management System). This platform offers a number of obvious benefits. It allows easy upload of course contents. The service providers need not worry too much about the design aspects and technological areas. It also does away with the need to go in for Wordpress and various other plugins for reaching the courses to the students. Hence, there are many students and also critics who believe that it is one of the good platforms for teaching online courses. It is easy to use and those who do not have the best knowledge of computers and the internet will also be able to use it easily.

2. Ruzuku

This could be one of the best online teaching platforms for all those who are looking for audio, video and PDF courses. It also allows the end users and the online course providers to run webinars and engage with students and other stake holders. It also has a live chat facility. It is a good platform and is suitable both for downloading and streaming of content. It also allows customers to create memberships and even send out drip content depending on the course timing.

3. eztalks

ezTalks is another popular and well known online teaching solution. It is popular because if offers the best of video as well as web conferencing solutions. It has a number of features and functions. However the main functionality is its ability to offer the high quality HD video conferencing and screen sharing. It also offers audio conferencing which is toll-free. Additionally, it is also possible to use instant messaging services, control of applications remotely and document sharing. In fine there are reasons to believe that it is an online teaching platform which is versatile and offers good value for money.

4. WizIQ

If customers are looking for an online teaching platform with a free plan, then it might be interesting to have a closer look at WizIQ. It certainly appeals a lot to students. It also offers some exciting and useful tools for interacting with students in a live and real time environment. It also offers platforms which are available for a price tag. These come with many facilities. The students can communicate and talk to the instructors using a video call facility or by using the conventional telephone lines. It is quite good and therefore popular too.

5. Udemy

There are many who believe that Udemy could be one of the best online teaching platforms. It is known for its high quality networking capabilities. This is perhaps the reason why it has been able to bring in many number of students under its fold. It could help a lot in increasing sales of any online teaching module. It also allows building of courses on the Udemy dashboard. Once it is completed, it is just a matter of time before thousands of students are able to gain access to the teaching module built on this platform. It is suitable for all those who are keen on selling high quality video courses with other facilities embedded into it.


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