With ezTalks video conferencing service, businesses are no longer required to leave the office to conduct a company-wide training. By launching online training, not only are businesses able to drastically cut down the travel cost, but they also increase the employees’ productivity and working satisfaction.

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GoToTraining Alternatives and Similar Software

Training | Teleconferencing

The following tools are worth considering when looking for a platform that gives the ability to share content one-on-one with e-learning professionals.

By: Eli Bruce Jul 04, 2017

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How to Develop Effective Training Programs for Employees

Training | How To

Developing an effective employee training program is one of the best ways to prepare staff for success. Here are a few ways you can develop a good coaching platform to boost employee capabilities and skills.

By: Janice Jul 03, 2017

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5 Best Online Teaching Platforms

Online Education | Training

There are many online platforms for teaching and each one of them could be unique and different in its own ways and means. We will look at five such online teaching platforms and draw a comparison between them.

By: Mike Hutt Jun 09, 2017

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5 Best Online Training Software for Business

Training | eLearning

Read the review of online training software and choose the best one according to your companies' needs, preference and budget.

By: Jack Jun 08, 2017

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Best 3 Free Online Training Software

Training | Video Conference

Free online training software creates a platform where staff can attend training courses on the Internet with ease. Here we recommend best three free online training software for you.

By: Jack Jun 07, 2017

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5 Online Training Tools to Elevate Staff's Ability

Training | Presentation

Online training tool is a great way to elevate your staff without disrupting the running of the business and without expensive preparations of training venues.

By: Jack Jun 06, 2017

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How Web Conferencing Enhances Your Staff Training

Video Conference | Video Meeting

So why should you incorporate web conferencing education in your staff training programs? Here is how web conferencing enhances your employee training.

By: Janice May 17, 2017

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5 Typical Examples of Video Conferencing in Different Fields

Video Conference | Online Education

Here we will fully illustrate five typical examples of video conferencing in different fields, especially in business, education, healthcare, training and court.

By: Janice Apr 07, 2017

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