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Video conferencing is widely used in various industries including education, health care, business services, etc. It allows business partners, clients and employees to communicate real-timely and effectively. 

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How to Set Up Zoom Rooms for Your Conference Rooms

Video Conference | Unified Communications

This article lists the ways to set up zoom rooms for mini rooms, huddle rooms, small rooms, middle rooms and large rooms.

By: Amanda Aug 16, 2019

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Best 5 Aver VB 342 Alternatives

Alternatives | Video Conference

The article introduces the best alternative to Aver VB 342 video conferencing device including ezTalks Meet S, ezTalks Meet Pro, Creston UC Smart Soundbar, Logitech MeetUp and Lifesize 4K Icon 700.

By: Jack Jun 12, 2019

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6 Useful Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams

Video Meeting | Video Conference

The correct tools and technology can enhance remote team collaboration. Here are the 6 useful remote team collaboration tools for your needs.

By: Amanda May 29, 2019

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Top 4 Huddle Room Kit to Improve Your Collaboration

Video Conference | Teleconferencing

Even with the importance of huddle rooms or spaces, choosing the right huddle room kit to achieve enhanced collaboration is not always easy. Consequently, here are some of the top huddle room kit options to choose from.

By: Eli Bruce May 14, 2019

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Top 5 Tricks to Reduce Your Huddle Room Costs

Video Conference | ezTalks Tips

The introduction of huddle conference rooms have brought a lot of significant benefits to users. But some organizations have failed to adopt this strategy due to insufficient funds of starting, running and maintaining huddle rooms. Here are tricks or tips you can use to reduce your huddle room cost.

By: Amanda Apr 26, 2019

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7 Best Teleconference Camera

Video Conference | Teleconferencing

Teleconferencing is becoming pivotal for any business. However, it cannot achieve the desired results and make the right impact without the right teleconference camera. We highlight the best teleconference camera here and help you buy the best there is for you teleconferencing needs.

By: Jack Apr 15, 2019

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What Are the Huddle Room Functions?

Video Conference

Huddle rooms can easily accommodate a small gathering of employees and can be used for conducting inter-office meetings and discussions. This article will show you what are the huddle room functions and introduce the best huddle room solutions to help make the most of huddle room benefits.

By: Janice Apr 08, 2019

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How Big Is a Huddle Conference Room?

Video Conference

The article introduces the definition, features and benefits of huddle rooms. For better video conferencing experience in huddle rooms, it will also recommend the best huddle room solution to you.

By: Amanda Mar 27, 2019

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Best Huddle Room Equipment List 2019

Video Conference

A huddle room, a small conference area, has numerous benefits including offering a flexible communication system and reduced up-front performances expenses. In order to prevent you from experiencing the difficulties associated with choosing the best huddle room hardware, below is the best huddle room equipment list 2019.

By: Eli Bruce Mar 19, 2019

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How to Pick the Right AV System for Huddle Rooms?

Video Conference | How To

Since a huddle room AV (Audiovisual) system is the basis of a huddle room, it is important to find the best possible AV system. Suitable huddle room speakerphones and huddle room cameras are assured to offer you an efficient and effective communication and collaboration hub. This article will tell you how to pick the right av system for your huddle conference rooms.

By: Jack Mar 18, 2019

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The Top 5 PTZ Video Conference Camera

Video Conference

To make the video conferences more effective, a PTZ conference camera exerts a great influence. The article introduces the top 5 PTZ video conference camera in the market.

By: Mike Hutt Feb 26, 2019

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How to Access ooVoo Sign up and ooVoo Sign in?

Video Conference | Video Meeting

It's no longer hard to imagine a simpler way to have a video conference or video chat by no matter ooVoo or ezTalks. This article will show you how to access ooVoo sign up and ooVoo sign in and give you a more reliable and easier way to host a meeting via ezTalks.

By: Echo Brown Jan 31, 2019

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What is Huddle Room?

Video Conference

The article introduces the definition, features and decoration of huddle rooms.

By: Amanda Jan 14, 2019

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The Three Best 4K Video Conferencing Camera

Video Conference

The article introduces the best 4k video conferencing camera in the market.

By: Janice Jan 10, 2019

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