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Video conferencing is widely used in various industries including education, health care, business services, etc. It allows business partners, clients and employees to communicate real-timely and effectively. 

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Top 6 Benefits of Video Conferencing in Healthcare

Video Conference | Healthcare

For healthcare industry, nothing is so important as giving your patients care they need, letting doctors collaborate anytime anywhere. With video conferencing, everything is easy to deal with. This article tells you top 6 benefits of video conferencing in healthcare.

By: Amanda Mar 17, 2017

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4 Advantages of Video Conferencing for Educational Institutions

Video Conference | Video Meeting

As a useful tool, video conferencing has been widely used in many fields and education is no exception. And here are four advantages of video conferencing for educational institutions, including schools and colleges, as well as training institutions, etc.

By: Janice Mar 17, 2017

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Top 8 Benefits of Video Conferencing in Education

Video Conference | Online Education

Have no idea why more and more schools rely on video conferencing? There is the answer. This article focuses on telling you top 8 benefits of video conferencing in education.

By: Amanda Mar 16, 2017

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Advantages and Disadvantage of Skype for Business Video Conferencing

Video Conference | Video Meeting

Companies of all size tend to use video conferencing system to achieve an effective communication and collaboration. The article here is focused on the advantages of disadvantages of Skype for Business video conferencing.

By: Janice Mar 13, 2017

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ezTalks Video Conferencing Solutions for Small Businesses

Video Conference | Video Meeting

ezTalks, a global leader in the video conferencing industry, is dedicated to helping small businesses grow. ezTalks cloud-based video conference software and all-in-one solution are the perfect choices for small businesses.

By: Janice Mar 10, 2017

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What Video Conferencing Equipment Is Needed for Small Businesses?

Video Conference

Video conferencing system consists of endpoints, a multipoint control unit (MCU) and a network to tie endpoints together from other sites. This essay here will elaborate further on what equipment is needed when small business wants to host a HD online meeting.

By: Janice Mar 09, 2017

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Top 10 Benefits of Video Conferencing in Business

Video Conference | Telecommuting

Why are more and more business owners willing to adopt video conferencing solution in their company? Obviously, it’s because there are many benefits that one company can get from it.

By: Janice Mar 07, 2017

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The Importance of Video Conferencing in the Business World

Video Conference | VoIP

Video conferencing has been widely used in every industry, especially in the business world, since it's commercially available in 1982. Here are four ways in which video conferencing is important and essential to the success of one company.

By: Janice Mar 06, 2017

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