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5 Alternatives to Polycom Video Conference System

About Polycom Video Conferencing System:

Polycom video conferencing product line ranges widely: video terminals, network equipment, and audio terminals. You can also find Polycom hd video conferencing system among products of the company. Although widely used, some still find Polycom video conferencing equipment not satisfying due to high cost, complicated configuration etc. So in this article, thwe have list top 5 alternatives to Polycom video conferencing system. 

Here we choose top 5 alternatives to Polycom video conference system:

1. ezTalks

Compared to Polycom video conferencing, ezTalks is a young yet energetic boy which is  truly innovative and modern. The conference room solutions can be regarded as the best alternative to heavy Polycom video conferencing systems. The solutions are well eqiuipped with both hardware and software with price from only $499. Or you can only choose the conference room software solutions with only $40 to decorate your meeting rooms. 

conference room solutions

The video conferencing solutions are quite affordable and easy to set up because of the all-in-one design. You can choose the solutions for any size of your conference rooms for their products cover all of the scenarios. Personally, the three-screen display, wireless touch control, easy configuration and more features to make it the most potential supplier in the market. 

The conference room solutions not only hold your conferences with a high-quality microphone to grant you a marvelous sound for a better connection but also sounds larger than its size with the customized dynamic. Onion allows you enjoy a lot smoother, faster and secure streaming video via cordless connection or cord connection in a conference without getting annoyed by a nonworking image.

ezTalks also has a professional HD video conferencing software, which is called ezTalks Meetings. You can conduct business discussions, online lessons, video presentations and many other necessary applications that require high quality video and audio. In the free version, you can create a video conference for 100 participants maximum per time as long as you talk no more than 40 minutes.

2. TrueConf

TrueConf is the largest developer of corporate and individual products and equipment for video conferencing in Europe. TrueConf solutions allow in 15 minutes deploying a secure corporate unified communications system with UltraHD video conferencing support.

TrueConf Terminal 2.0 is a new advanced solution for meeting rooms, conference rooms, and executive workplaces. It is a constantly updating software platform, which came to replace hardware systems. TrueConf Terminal 2.0 is completely free software that installs on any device running Windows OS with the ability to manage the terminal through a web browser and conferences on one or more screens.

3. VideoMost

It is a software solution for video conferencing with HD sound quality and video in any IP networks. This system allows you to organize video communication sessions with an unlimited number of participants (at the same time you can see up to 10 of the most active participants). Log in to the conference through a browser or desktop application. The system has support for direct p2p video calls. VideoMost features collaboration with documents, moderation of participants, status display and text chat. There is a free version of up to 3 participants.

The new version of video conferencing system VideoMost can simultaneously display 16 participants on the screen, supports 4K (Ultra HD) video resolution and up to 50 fully interactive video participants in each conference (and up to 500 video listeners in each conference), which is the best indicator in the world. Also, VideoMost 3.0 now allows you to see the video of interlocutors on one monitor, and on a second monitor the broadcasting files in the current session. In addition, VideoMost has added support for Google WebRTC standard.

4. Cisco Telepresence

Cisco Telepresence is complex software and hardware system of video conferences. It provides high-quality video communication. Through integration with cloud services (Cisco WebEx) the system supports various options for participation - from telepresence systems to smartphones.

CTI Company has expanded its range of cloud services with the "on demand" label. The new service "Videoconferences on demand" is built on the basis of the Cisco Telepresence system and allows companies to improve communication efficiency, accelerate decision making, obtain quick access to specialists, reduce the time and financial costs of travel and give additional impetus to business development through the use of advanced IT technology. The company promises an affordable monthly subscription cost that is not comparable with the high costs of acquiring such a solution, flexible tariff offers, a branded portal for planning and managing conferences, and round-the-clock support of the service.

5. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a service for business communications. It consists of the Meet (for group video) and Chat applications (for creating group chats). It also works on mobile platforms.

The service for a chat and video conferencing Google Hangouts still remains undervalued because of the incomprehensible positioning. Whether it's an instant messenger, video chat, or business video conferencing system.

And, finally, Google decided to make it clear. Now Hangouts is a business service. Rather, two services. First - Hangouts Meet is a video conferencing service (almost the same as it was, but with a new design). It is available both separately and in G Suite, and allows you to create free video calls for 30 participants. The second - Hangouts Chat - it's a group chat for business, a full-fledged alternative to Slack with rooms, bots, and integrations. It is available only to users of G Suite.


Strong competition in this area doesn't allow you to think and waste time on details. With the help of video conferencing, you can quickly solve all the issues that arise. Thanks to modern systems, it becomes easier and easier.

Video conference systems like Polycom or ezTalks are considered to be the best in the market. We can safely recommend you to use one of the video conference systems described in this article.


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