Top 5 AnyMeeting Alternatives

Webinars or seminars via the web has changed the world and the future of conference and meetings. We can schedule or host any meetings and conferences from anywhere, anytime without wasting the time and money for travel expenses.

AnyMeeting is one of the most popular programs that offer you the opportunity to host webinars, meetings or conferences at your convenient time and place. With this easy to use and handy program, you can access your team or reach your customer from anywhere anytime. But is it that good? AnyMeeting has come with several features like every webinar provide, but this program also has some cons which influence users to search for the AnyMeeting alternatives. Here are a few of those cons:

• AnyMeeting is not free at all. You can use their trial version for 14 days only. After that, you need to subscribe to their plans to continue.
• You must have an updated Adobe Flash Player to use AnyMeeting.
• The subscription cost is really high in comparison to the other webinars.
• You can add only 30 participants in your conference using AnyMeeting.

So, you certainly look forward to the best AnyMeeting alternatives. Here are a few of them which are even better than what you are getting from AnyMeeting.

1. ezTalk Cloud Meeting

If you want to know about the best webinar program till date, the answer is ezTalk Cloud Meeting. Like AnyMeeting, ezTalk Cloud Meeting also offer you the freedom to host your conference from anywhere anytime. Additionally, You can get a lot of features from this app for free like:

• A full HD and stable video conference with your team members.
• Recording of your full conference in HD and store that for future use.
• You can schedule, reschedule or cancel a meeting with providing reminders to your team mates.
Sharing your screen with the attendees has never been so easy like ezTalk Cloud Meeting.
• You have the access to some of the useful tools like a whiteboard for your explanation purpose, or remote control to admin and monitor the meeting.
• No matter what platform you or your team mates using. ezTalk Cloud Meeting supports all the platforms like iOS, Android, Macintosh OS X or Windows in computers or mobiles.
• Most importantly, you can add and host a meeting with 100 members for free which you can't get in any webinar programs.

So, the features and benefits ezTalk Cloud Meeting are providing at zero cost that can only be imagined in its competitor's plans. However, for a team more than 100 people, ezTalk Cloud Meeting offers some very cost effective plans to choose with.

anymeeting alternative

2. Webinar Jam

Another highly used and popular AnyMeeting alternative is Webinar Jam. It uses Hangouts and Google Plus for promotional activities and marketing purpose. With a lot of exclusive tools and functions, this webinar program is very rich and user-friendly. It also offers the meeting attendees to perform in some interactive quizzes or polls. But, Unlike ezTalks Cloud Meeting, you should have to join their plans to get full benefits.

anymeeting alternatives

3. GoToWebinar

A world famous software distributor "GoToMeeting" has introduced its new webinar program "GoToWebinar". This alternative to AnyMeeting offers you some business class tools and facilities like file sharing, online whiteboard explanations, attendance tracking, screen sharing, recording online meeting etc. The host can add the participants by the email id or by sending the conference link directly. However, this program is very costly if you want to use its full benefits.

alternatives to anymeeting

4. ooVoo

ooVoo is another very admired and trendy software that offers the benefit of hosting online meetings or conferences through the web. The main attraction of this program is that it's easy to use user interface. ooVoo provides you with some of the great tools like conference calls, video calls, file and screen sharing, etc. This AnyMeeting alternative also offers the liberty to add members from the Facebook friend list and make video calls to them. But, it allows you to add only up to 12 participants to your conference.

alternative to anymeeting

5. FreeConference

As the name suggests, this is free software to offer you the webinar facility. You can make free conference or meetings without any cost through this program. It also gives you the opportunity to add members with dial in numbers. Some of the common features like screen and file sharing, scheduling online meeting with reminders, video conference and conference recording are also available. But it won't allow you to add as many as 100 people like ezTalk Cloud Meeting.

alternatives for anymeeting

Therefore, these are the best AnyMeeting alternatives you can try for your business solutions. It is needless to say that ezTalk Cloud Meeting gives you the best and maximum benefits for free which you can't find in any other webinar programs. Download and use it to experience the difference.


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