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Best Conference Room Camera and Microphone for Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a smart communication way for companies in the modern world. It is economical where it saves costs related to distant meetings like transport cost, accommodation, and other related expenses. With this technology, companies can connect with people from any part of the world provided there is internet connectivity. So, more and more companies set up their meeting rooms with conference room camera and microphone for video conferencing.

For the best video conferencing experience, a company should know how to select good video conferencing room solutions including conference room camera and microphone as well as the video conferencing software.

Requirements of the best conference room camera and microphone for video conferencing:

1) A conference room camera should be of high resolution, has good focal length and best field-of-view for the room.
2) The best video conference camera should have automatic light adjusting capability to ensure video quality isn’t affected by light changes.
3) The microphone should possess noise reduction and echo cancellation capability to enhance the quality of the audio.
4) The microphone should be highly sensitive to easily pick the sound of the speaker
5) The best conference room camera and microphone should be easy to use.
6) Fit company’s budget while having the good quality.

Best conference room camera and microphone recommended

Regarding to the requirements above, ezTalks Room plan provides conference room video conferencing solutions with the best conference room camera and microphone as well as the software. It combines two kinds of plans: a. Standard Plan; b. Professional Plan. The two plans give companies an optimized conference experience for huddle rooms.

A. Standard Plan

This plan consists of ezTalks Onion which is an all-in-one video conferencing device and ezTalks Software service. Want to set up a video conferencing room professionally and at a reasonable cost? This is the plan to go for. Onion not only have a built-in conference room camera for video conferencing, but also integrates built-in speakers, microphones, codec and software, which makes it an all-inclusive video conferencing solution that will make a meeting room exceptional. It is compatible with any TV or display. This plan is a good choice for meetings with a maximum of 6 users.


1. Inclusive design

Onion’s all-in-one design makes it fit the setting of small or huddle rooms. It is possible to hold meetings at any time at any place since the product’s software is cloud-based, and hardware’s compact design makes it portable.

2. High-quality video

With a conference room camera for video conferencing of 1080P resolution and a field of view of 120 degrees, onion delivers a full HD video with unmatchable quality. It has a low-light Sony camera sensor with auto-adjusting exposure to ensure the lighting of the room doesn’t affect the quality of the video.

3. Real-time conference room video

It is possible to invite many people to a meeting session allow them to interact with each other via live chats or emoticons in real-time.

4. Clear audio

Onion is fitted with dual microphones that have noise reduction and echo cancellation capability. They guarantee to deliver audio of very high quality.

5. File and Screen sharing capability

Users can share documents like videos, images, among others with a click of a button. It is also easy to share the screen with other users of the meeting.

6. Recording capability

Onion allows users to record meeting sessions where they can playback to ensure they capture or absorb every detail.

7. Easy to set-up and control

Setting up ezTalks onion doesn’t require any technical skills or a lot of time. It has been designed to ensure companies make maximum use of the most precious commodity in the world business – time. Besides, it uses wireless control which reduces unnecessary movement in the meeting in the meeting room.

8. Unlimited meeting period

Onion doesn’t confine companies to a certain period of the meeting. Companies can extend the time for as long as they want. This ensures they exhaustively discuss all the important details for the growth of the business.

9. Unrestricted in-room screen projection

Standard Plan Price
This plan comes at a one-time fee of $699 per room.

How does it perfectly meet the main requirements of video conferencing for huddle rooms?
ezTalks standard plan is an all-in-one product with all the features required to make a video conferencing for huddle rooms complete. Connecting onion with any TV or display is possible using HDMI for live broadcasting, video conferencing, online training, and online seminars. It has plenty of features like recording, wireless control, audio muting, live chat, and many more. All the features and advantages it has made it perfectly meet the main requirements of video conferencing for huddle rooms.

B. Professional Plan

This plan consists of ezTalks T-Voice 100, ezTalks Onion, and ezTalks Software service. T-Voice 100 is a multi-functional speakerphone and controller for ezTalks cloud meetings of various sizes. This plan is best suited for conference rooms with 6-12 participants.


1. Noise cancellation capability
T-Voice is fitted with noise and echo cancellation technology for high-quality audio performance. This results in uninterruptible meetings.

2. Wireless control
It easy to manage the meeting room with T-Voice 100’s remote controller. This enhances efficiency for a smooth video conferencing experience.

3. Omnidirectional audio capturing capability
T-Voice 100 can capture sound from any direction in the meeting room. It has a range of a maximum of 80 meters which is more than enough for many conference rooms. Users will get exceptional audio even when in different rooms.

4. Advanced HD voice performance
It has high processing speed and anti-jamming ability which ensures there are no delays which make the meeting run smoothly. It produces unique voice with its spatial voice separation and stereo audio.

5. Excellent design and portability
T-Voice has compact design and lightweight which makes it possible to carry around and hold meetings at any place.

6. Connectivity
There is a wide range of connectivity options to cater for a wide range of users. They include HDMI2.0, USB 2.0, 10M/100M/1000M Ethernet (RJ45), and B type USB.

7. Other features
5.5-inch multi-touch screen for easier control
5-meter audio pick up range

Professional Plan Price

This plan comes at a one-time cost of $1299/per room.

How does it perfectly meet the main requirements of video conferencing for huddle rooms?

Together with ezTalks Onion, T-Voice 100 included in this plan has excellent audio quality, easier control mode, and great range. This makes it perfect for meeting the main requirements of video conferencing for small to medium rooms.


Video conferencing solutions can enhance the efficiency and productivity of any business. It is one of the best communication methods for companies as it enables reaching employees, customers or partners in different geographical locations in an economical way. All that is required is investing in the right equipment. ezTalks room plan offers one of the best conference room video conferencing solutions with high-quality conference room camera and microphone.


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