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The Best 5 Alternatives to Meeting Owl

With employees working remotely now becoming more popular, video conferencing is the best way to communicate with each other in real time.

The day is gone when businesses had to hire an expensive specialist to arrange for their video conferences. Now you can use video conferencing software to get the face-to-face connection with everybody in distant places. There are many on the web such as Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, Join. Me and Google Hangouts, to name a few. However, just having the platform alone is not good enough. You need to have the right tools and equipment to have a better experience, like having a wide degree view of the conference table.

You may consider Meeting Owl with its camera able to zoom in to the person making a speech and will also highlight up to 3 recent speakers in the room. It also has 8 speakers that can capture the voice of the speakers from as far as 2 meters away. To use it, you just need to plug it into a computer running on a video conferencing software.

However, you may find the price is a little bit high and need other options, you can refer to below details. Here are the best 5 alternatives to Meeting Owl.

1.ezTalks Meet S

If you're looking for an affordable All-in-One Video Conferencing Equipment, then ezTalks Meet S is one of the Meeting Owl alternatives.

The all-in-one design makes it convenient to use. Instead of the expensive traditional equipment consisting of various tools, with BizTalk's Meet S you just need a single device to do it all. It's also very easy to install with only 3 steps required and can be done in a minute!

This device features HD video and audio. Its 1080P camera with 120 degree field-of-view ensures absolute clarity and able to cover everyone in the huddle room. The dual microphones cancel echo and reduce noise level and therefore you get crystal clear sound for a perfect video conference.

It works with any mobile device running on Android, IOS, Windows or even Mac. Other features include high performance and powerful software developed by specialist engineers. This enables it to conduct live webinars easily, screen and file sharing, provide online whiteboard, do cloud recording and storage. 

2. Logitech BCC950

This is another all-in-one and easy to install equipment. It provides business-grade video conferencing with HD 1080p 30fps video display. The speaker is of high quality and full-duplex enables recording up to 8 feet away.

Designed for productive teams with a small group in mind, it can accommodate up to 4 people. With motorized camera at eye level and multi-directional speaker, it's perfect to catch the face and sound of each participant.

BCC950 can also work with most video conferencing software.

3.Cisco Precision 60 Camera

This device provides powerful video imaging with 1080p60 resolution. It is suitable ranging from small to large meeting rooms.

With the powerful camera, you can experience life like meetings due to its sharpness and clarity. It's equipped with a 10x optical zoom camera, making it perfect even for large meeting rooms.

4.Solaborate HELLO

This device can transform any TV into an all-in-one, video communication and collaboration device for video conferencing and many other functions as well.

This webcam is something else, it works great and has many various features, all in one device. With its 4K resolution, a sensor and many microphones, it is a good choice.

5.VSN Mobile 360

Although it is originally developed as an action camera, this device will also be perfect for video conferencing.

It will work with most video conferencing software as well. It uses a reflector rather than a lens to generate a 6480x1080 panoramic image from its camera. 

One great feature is it can survive immersion to a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. So, it's perfect for outdoor meetings.

The Conclusion

eztalks Meet S easily the best alternative to Meeting Owl. It's cost-effective and easy to set up, you can start a video conference almost immediately with its all-in-one feature and convenient 3- step set up. We would suggest to couple it with ezTalk's Rooms software for a complete experience and you can find more details here


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