Five HD Video Conferencing Solutions

It's essential for teams to keep connected and collaborate all the time. With the increasing workforces and organizations spread out in the world, gathering your team for a meeting is not always feasible. Even if all members of your team finally are present on time, they may have spent a large amount of time and money travelling from different locations. If it frustrates you, you don't have to. Video conferencing technology gives you the opportunity to meet and connect your team from anywhere.

Video conferencing technology was first introduced by AT&T in 1964 when it was named Picturephone. After more than 50 years constant development, video conferencing technology is increasingly perfect. Now, as you can see, a variety of video conferencing solutions emerge, like hardware video conferencing, video conferencing software, web-based video conferencing and more. Moreover, video conferencing solutions become cheaper and easier to use. Some even let you enjoy high-definition video and high fidelity-voice quality, letting you feel that you're quite close with your team.

Now, you get a brief introduction to the history of video conferencing technology. You may be interested in adopting an awesome video conferencing solution to enable you to connect and collaborate with your team effectively. The following part will show you five commonly used HD video conferencing solutions.

1. Lifesize Cloud
2. ezTalks Meetings
3. Zoom
4. Vidyo Clouds

1. Lifesize Cloud

Lifesize Cloud is regarded as awarding-winning HD video conferencing software, which makes video conferencing simple and accessible. It has an easy-to-use interface which lets you easily handle. Features like screen sharing, calendar integration, recording and easy administration make it easy for you to connect and collaborate with your team wherever they work or stay.

high-definition video conferencing

2. ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks is the leading HD video conferencing solution provider, which delivers easy, professional and feature-rich online conferencing services to let your team collaborate easily at any locations in real time. It has brought ezTalks Meetings, powerful HD video conferencing software, to the market. It's affordable with a solid feature set.

The free plan of ezTalks Meetings empowers you to host and join a meeting up to 100 participants online, which is really a milestone in the video conferencing industry. If your team is small, it's the right one for you to achieve good remote collaboration without paying anything. Besides, HD video displaying and HD audio displaying let you easily read facial expressions and observe body languages of your team members to make long-distance online meetings productive and interesting. During meeting time, you can also express your ideas by sharing interactive whiteboards, displaying desktop and applications, recording any episodes of meetings for playback, and more.

hd video conferencing

If the free plan doesn't meet your demands, you can upgrade to its paid plan which allows to host meetings up to 500 participants. If it is the right one for you to collaborate with your team anytime anywhere, you can click the download button below and install it on your Windows computer. If you're not a windows user, click Download center to select a right version to install it on your Mac, Android device or iOS device.

free hd video conferencing software

3. Zoom

Zoom is also HD video conferencing software. A free version is available, but it only lets you meet with 49 other participants. To meet more participants, you’ll have to upgrade to its paid plans, which costs at least $14.99/month/host. This software lets you host and join meetings remotely, and allows for screen sharing, and whiteboard sharing for easy presentations. Participants can also mark up the shared screen, text messaging, and more.

hd video conferencing software

4. Vidyo Cloud

Vidyo Cloud offers 3 plans: free plan, team plan and enterprise plan. Its free plan is intended for individuals which only allows to host meetings with up to 10 participants. It runs on tables, smart phones, desktops, bringing HD-quality video and content. It supports up to 4K resolution video so that you can receive HD-quality video consistently during meeting time. Apart from HD-quality video, it enables you to archive meetings by recording.

hd video conferencing software

5. BlueJeans

The last HD video conferencing solution is BlueJeans. It's not free but offers 14-day free trial. After the free trial, you should upgrade to its paid plan, such as onVideo plan, Primetime plan, huddle plan and onSocial plan. It works well on your Mac, Windows and even Linux computers. You can use it to hold and join the virtual meeting with your team members from computer, Android and iOS devices. During meeting time, you're allowed to share desktop and application, upload video for sharing, chat with your team members as well as record episodes for reviewing and making annotations later.

hd video conferencing solution

More and more collaboration today is across teams that span geographical and organizational boundaries. The five high-definition video conferencing solutions above are streamlined and built to enhance the way your team communicates and collaborates. Choose a right one to enjoy unified communication and collaboration!


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