How to Share Screen on Google Hangouts

At the mention of the word video calling, there are many apps that come to mind. One of the most elaborate video call apps in the market today is Google Hangouts. The app provides people with a range of innovative ways to communicate with loved ones regardless of the differences in geographical locations. With Google Hangouts,  (also you can try other google hangouts alternative, like ezTalks.), users can share their experiences through live on screen face-to-face communication. The video call can be one-on-one and may involve groups of people communicating live from different places.

Another important feature on Google Hangouts is screen sharing. Individuals that are involved in the video call can instantly share screen with one another and enjoy viewing relevant info in real-time. Using this feature, the person making the video call can share documents, videos, presentations, websites or any other information that can be displayed on the screen. That makes a video conversation even more engaging. In fact, most businesses are utilizing this Google Hangouts screen sharing feature to inspire cross-team collaboration among their employees. And it's indeed proving to be very effective.

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A Step by Step Guide on How to Share Screen on Google Hangouts

1. Start or Join A Video Call

Before sharing the screen, you first have to open the Google Hangouts app. Locate the button on bottom right and tap on compose. Click on new video call and then select the names of people you want to join in the video call. Once you’re done with that, click on Video Call.

2. Find and Click On the Share Screen Button

While inside the Hangout, locate the green Share Screen button found on the left side of the screen. A new window will appear.

3. Select the Screen You Want to Share with Other People on the Video Call

Once you tap on the Share Screen, every action you perform on the screen with the keyboard or mouse will be viewed by all the video call participants. Any window that’s presently active can be shared live. Here, you can share the desktop, documents and/or internet window.

4. Click the Share Button to Load the Screen Share Stream

Upon clicking the Start Share button, it will only take a few seconds to load the item for other members of the Hangout to see.

5. Click on Stop to End the Screenshare or Go Back to the Main Hangout Window

Once you’re done with the screen sharing, simply tap on the Stop button on the main tool bar to exit from the page. You can return to the call or terminate the video call completely.

How to Fix Google Hangouts Screen Sharing Not Working

Google Hangouts provides great platform for sharing screens with friends or colleagues. However, just like other apps out there, it's bound to experience malfunction or trouble picking up a video call. The google hangouts screen share feature might sometimes stop working abruptly when you want to share important attachments, images or files. But in order to use google hangouts share screen , you have to find a way of fixing it right away.

The following are some of the ways on how to fix Google Hangouts screen sharing not working properly:

1. Try Video Calling and Sharing Screen Using another Browser

When the screen sharing function on Google Hangouts keeps jamming or doesn't work completely, the best way to go is change the browser. You can close the current window, open another browser and begin the video calling process afresh. Proceed to the share screen button while on the main page and see whether it works.

2. Clear the Browsing History before Restarting the Video Call

If you're only using one browser, say Google Chrome, try clearing all the browsing history. By doing that, you'll be refreshing the browser and removing the extra bugs on it. Upon clearing the history, restart the browser and start the video call process all over again.

3. Try Other Alternatives like ezTalks Cloud Meeting

If the Google Hangouts screen sharing feature isn't working even after changing the browser and/or clearing the browsing history, the best way to go is try another video calling app. One of the best Google Hangouts alternatives to try is ezTalks Cloud Meeting. This software provides great file/screen sharing options for those making individual or group video calls.

Using ezTalks screen sharing, you can seamlessly share PPT, photo, video or internet page with friends and colleagues in real-time. The software's free plan allows for people to host up to 100 participants in a video call at once with the ability to share screen with every attendee in the meeting. Considering this powerful capabilities, it can be the best alternative to Google Hangouts.


Based on its basic video calling features, Google Hangouts can be a great app to adopt. Sharing screen with friends or colleagues from work is now way easier than before. Following through the screen sharing steps is simple and only takes a few clicks on Google Hangouts main video call page. That makes sharing of videos, photos and other files quite seamless. With such seamless screen sharing, you can enjoy better interaction and more meaningful collaboration.

However, the app can sometimes breakdown or malfunction which might present a big challenge to your screen sharing experience. But when that happens, the solutions provided above can really be of great help. When you've tried all the methods to get Google Hangouts feature working but haven't had any positive response, the best way to go is try another video calling app.

There are many video calling or meeting app that you can try when Google hangouts fails to work. Such software as ezTalks Cloud Meeting can provide the best alternative. But that does not mean you should trash Google Hangouts completely. You can always use these video calling solutions interchangeably when calling friends and/or collaborating with other employees.


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