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Standard Meeting Room Equipment Checklist

About 15 years ago, meeting room equipment like av devices was just a mere TV and a pull-down screen with a projector. Video conferencing was only available to who could afford much money on the bandwidth. It is a very different story nowadays as lots of innovation and modern technology help communication easier.

A company's conference room equipment checlist speaks a lot about the type of company it is and whether it supports innovation in technology or not. Actually, you can choose the most advanced all-in-one conference room equipment checklist as followed which will save you a lot of work when choosing each piece of accessory.

Meet Mini (Mini or Focus room, 1-3 people)

It is integrated with everything you need for video communication and portable with built-in battery. Its unique all-in-one design makes it easy to set up and use for anyone. Surprisingly, its 11.6” touch screen and 1080P wide-angle camera bring unparalleled video experience for your teams. Also, its advanced voice-tracking technology for active speaker focus brings ultra clear sound experience. You can use it for multiple application scenarios like tele-medicine, remote education, technical support and so on.

Meet S, previously named Onion (Huddle room, 1-6 people)

Its all-in-one design ensures the hassle-free and convenient installation process. Its 1080P camera with 120 field-of-view, together with dual microphones delivers HD video & audio meeting performance. You can have flexible control with your mobile devices of Mac, Windows, Android and iOS systems.

Meet Pro (Small room, 1-12 people)

Its digital pan, tilt, and zoom (ePTZ) camera with remote control, and 4K sensor with HDR video capture provides a remarkable face-to-face collaboration and video quality. Dual microphone arrays with 5-meter pick-up range also deliver exceptional sound clarity for small room acoustics. Just like Meet S, you can control it with your mobile devices of Mac, Windows, Android and iOS systems.

Meet X (Middle room, 1-20 people)

Though it is not all-in-one, it is still powerful and deserves mention. Its 1080P PTZ camera with 12X optical zoom increases meeting visual flexibility and it helps to capture everyone on screen with 78.8-degree wide-angle lens. Most notably, it supports dual displays with 25 video feeds. A unique bracket design enables multiple installation ways.

Some of the users just need some separate equipment to enhance the video or audio result. So, there are certain basic conference room equipment checklists which are definitely required in a conference room. The standard meeting room equipment would be:


If you want your meeting room equipment checklist to look high tech and have an aesthetic effect, then having a good television is a must. Of course, everything depends on your budget and how you want to allocate it. Buying a good TV will help in better video conferencing and sharing of visuals in a clear and comfortable manner. There are various kinds of smart TVs also available in the market now which can help in direct video conferencing without the use of external hardware. They can connect to the internet using wireless technology, make calls, and perform like a computer. Although they are a bit costly, but it will a good investment in the long run. Subscribing to a good conference room software is also going to save out on a lot of trouble.


A telephone has failed to be obsolete even though there are a lot of new technologies which have come up. It just does not refuse to go away. This may be because people do not want to spend a lot of money on data and 4G services. A telephone will be a must need device for your conference room. Buy one which has a good sound system and microphone so that the whole room can listen to it. Also sync your intercom system with it, in case you want to call some other person in from the office. You do not want to be seen running out of the meeting and doing petty work. Affordable speakerphones like T-Voice 100 together with outstanding specifications may meet your needs.


If you have a big conference room which has more than 20 people sitting in it, then a TV would not help much and you would require a bigger screen to project. Using a projector here would be wise so that everyone in the room can have a clear view. There are 4K projectors available but they cost a lot. However, today’s projectors offer a bright projection which can be easily seen in lit and dark rooms simultaneously. Choose your projector wisely as it is a long term investment.

Sound system

If you have all the modern amenities in your conference room but have a poor old speakers which is throwing cracked sound, it is high time you think about some replacement as it is going to play hard on your company’s reputation. Invest in a decent sound system and also make sure you have good microphones installed at various points in the conference table so that the voices of people from all corners can be audible to the recipient.

Wireless system

This has become a necessity not just for conference room but for a company in general. The main reason being, it offers portability. You don't have to carry your dongle or search for LAN wires at different places. It stops all these wiring hassles and is easy on your staff as well. Almost all devices like printers, cameras, and fax machines are connected to wireless nowadays.

Other accessories

The other equipment for meeting room in which you need to invest would be good quality furniture’s, proper lightning, stationers and other equipment like fax machines, printers etc.

Think Before You Choose Your Conference Room Equipment List

How would you choose the suitable meeting room equipment? There are millions of conference room equipment checklist available so how would you know which one is the correct one for you? So here the main question lies whether it will be used for meetings, presentations or only just to accommodate guests? Do you want high-quality sound and visual or are you ready to do something which is of medium scale? What is your budget? Considering all these things in your mind, you can choose the kind of equipment you require to be in your conference room.


A conference room is a place in which you are going to interact with the outside world sitting in your office. The people on the other end are able to see your office, staff and infrastructure which leaves an impression on them. Making a high-quality meeting room equipment list needed for meetings definitely the first step for your successful communication. Creating a good or bad impression is completely up to you. Yes, keeping resources needed for meetings ready with a good bandwidth connection solves most of the problem and lags.


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