Top 5 Paltalk Alternatives

People were always interested in group video chat, and tried to find the best software for that. Because the offer was highly limited in the past, they had a few solutions to choose from. At that time, Paltalk seemed like the best option, and this video chat software became very popular. However, we can all agree that Paltalk is a little obsolete for our days. The annoying ads, the unstable connection and the lack of features can keep us from having a decent video chat. Thankfully, the technology evolved and we have plenty of alternatives. In the following, we will focus on this matter and we will present top 5 Paltalk alternatives.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

From the moment you access ezTalks Cloud Meeting, you realize that it offers everything you need for video conferencing. This video conference software comes with a rich platform, full of interesting features. Still, all of them are simple to use and you don't need to be an IT expert, in order to master them. With ezTalks Cloud Meeting, you can host ultra HD audio and video conferences, with no difference from a face-to-face conversation.

In addition to the screen sharing feature, this software offers an online whiteboard tool, on which you can draw, graphically explain some points or note some ideas from a brainstorming session. Also, the participants can present their charts or documents, so anyone could read them. The recording online Meeting feature is ideal for the people who want to rewatch the meeting, in order to remember some of its key topics.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a great alternative to Paltalk and it can be used for video conferences, virtual training sessions and webinars. The Internal collaboration feature allows you to group your conference members into smaller teams, according to their specific tasks. Because connectivity is important as well, ezTalks Cloud Meeting can be accessed from any OS, like Windows, iOS, Android or Mac OS X. A Pro version of Cloud Meeting will cost at least $12.99, but the price is fully justified, considering that this video conferencing software offers twice as much as any rival app.

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2. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting offers a wide area of video conferencing features, managing to improve your team collaboration. This Paltalk alternative comes with a very interesting technology, that will remove any background noises, letting you hear the interlocutors, loud and clear. ClickMeeting is very well optimized, allowing you to adjust the video and audio settings, or to lower the quality, if you have a slower Internet connection. The software comes with a 30 days free trial, but after that, you will have to pay a monthly subscription of $25, for maximum 25 attendees in a conference. If you want to use ClickMeeting for larger conferences or webinars, you will have to pay $165 per month. This can be a little expensive for many companies, but ClickMeeting remains a good alternative to Paltalk.

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3. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is a great Paltalk alternative and perhaps, one of the cheapest teleconferencing solution on the market. This software comes with a highly intuitive platform, allowing you to perform a series of useful tasks, essential in a conference. Zoho Meeting costs only $12 per month, and the intuitive interface can be used by anybody, no matter their IT skills. Even though this software cannot be customized a lot, it offers many useful features like stable connectivity, access to a CRM portal and high quality connection. The only disadvantage of Zoho Meeting is the fact that it doesn't support file sharing, and you cannot access any document, during the conference. However, if you plan on using it only for chatting sessions, it might prove useful for you.

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Even though it comes with an interactive platform, is actually a very professional software. The biggest advantage of this conferencing solution consists in its price. The Basic plan is absolutely free, and it allows you to host VoIP meetings, with up to 10 attendees. However, the options are pretty limited in the Basic plan, and if you want to benefit from cloud storage, document sharing or video conferences, you will have to pay $25 per month. Because of its friendly interface, is great for hosting online meetings with your clients or small training sessions. It surely is a great Paltalk alternative.

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5. ooVoo

This app was officially launched in 2006, by an Ohio located company. Even if it's eleven years old, ooVoo was constantly updated, and submitted to a series of improvements. This software allows you to host some high-quality conferences, supporting audio, messaging and video chat. The connectivity is extremely modern, and this software can be accessed from different platforms, like: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android or iOS. The only disadvantage of ooVoo is the fact that it can host conferences, with maximum twelve participants. This could be inconvenient for some large companies and it won't allow the organization to host a webinar.

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Considering that the business environment finds itself in a continuous change, we need to change our methods as well. Start having productive conferences with your team, and choose a Paltalk alternative that fits your professional needs.


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