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Top 5 Video Conferencing Kit for Small and Medium Rooms

Video conferencing technology is one of the most helpful, reliable, and effective tools for today's business. With the advent of technology, video conferencing kits for small and medium rooms are nowadays available that ensures rich and quality audio and video communication experience in real-time.

Many of these video conferencing kits not only provide you an exceptional video and audio conferencing experience, but also offer a bunch of additional features, such as screen sharing, chat functionality, and more. The best part is that -- video conferencing kits for small and medium rooms comes as a complete solution that includes conference camera, speakers, microphones, all required software, and more. Thus, video conferencing kits for meeting rooms are a perfect, budget-friendly, and one-stop solution for your business communication needs. Here are top 5 video conferencing kit for small and medium rooms recommended.

Reveal Top 5 Video Conferencing Kits for Small and Medium Rooms

1. ezTalks

If you are looking for a reliable video conferencing kit, then ezTalks will be the most recommended option for you. This solution is implemented by a leading web, audio, and video conferencing service provider that has profound experience in the underlying industry. ezTalks video conferencing kit for meeting rooms will certainly make your business communication system smooth, seamless, and infallible.

ezTalks standard room plan is perfect for huddle and small rooms, while the video conferencing kit of ezTalks professional plan is perfect for small and medium rooms.

1) ezTalks offers an all-in-one video conferencing equipment (Onion) that's packed with built-in HD camera, speakers, mics, and cloud video conferencing software.
2) Its wide-angle camera features auto-adjusting capability for efficient image capture.
3) High performance processor with H.264 video codecs
4) The microphone is integrated with noise reduction and echo cancellation capability.
5) Stereo, spatial voice separation and 360-degree voice capture with 5-meter pick-up range, full-duplex audio
6) Unlimited in-room screen projection
7) Wireless meeting room control via T-Voice 100 with 5.5-inch multi-touch screen

I) Cost-effective solution, only one time fee for permanent use, which means you can enjoy the endless meetings with the devices.
II) Exceptional audio and video quality without any annoying lagging.
III) Easy to set up and simple to use.
IV) Other benefits include audio calls, video calls, telephone join-in, IM, whiteboard, screen sharing, and more.

Recently the video of ezTalks Onion does not support 4K resolution, but this feature will be supported soon in the updated Onion Device- Onion Plus, which will be released very soon this year.

I) The Standard plan costs a one-time fee of $699/per room. It's ideal for up to six people.
II) The Professional plan comes with an enhanced audio performance as it includes ezTalks T-Voice 100, a smart conference speakerphone. The pricing of the Professional plan is $1299/per room. It's ideal for six-twelve attendees.

2. Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark Room Kit is another good video conferencing kit for business. This powerful collaboration solution is suitable for medium and small-sized meeting rooms.

I) Cisco Spark Room Kit is loaded with the following features, for example, microphones, speakers, codec, and camera.
II) Other notable features include content sharing, dual screens, and end-to-end security.


I) Superior audio and video quality that facilitates real-time business communication among participants.

II) The software can automatically detect meeting participants & offers ideal framing.


I) Cisco Spark Room Kit can accommodate only seven people.

II) Cisco Spark Room Kit Plus can accommodate only fourteen people.

III) The pricing is highly expensive.


I) The Cisco Spark Kit costs $3,990.

II) The Cisco Spark Kit Plus version costs around $7,990.

3. Polycom

Polycom RealPresence Group Series is another choice for its good voice, video, and real-time collaboration experience.

I) This software has a lot of features, such as ultimate voice clarity and automatic background noise reduction.
II) Other key features include content collaboration and real-time content sharing.

I) It's one of the suitable tools for group video conferencing experience.
II) Polycom is certified by Office 365 and Skype for Business.

The pricing of Polycom video conferencing kit is pretty high. Hence, for small and medium-sized business owners that are running on a restricted budget, this software won't be an ideal choice.

Polycom video conferencing kit price can be as much as $100,000. Note, the actual subscription price largely depends on your type and size of business.

4. HighFive

This company has developed an all-in-one, sleek, and beautiful device that can be mounted on a TV or directly on the wall. Once installed successfully, HighFive video conferencing kit will deliver an HD quality video and audio experience.

I) It delivers an unmatched quality video and audio conferencing experience.
II) The installation process is simple and easy.

I) The interface of this video conferencing kit is intuitive.
II) Participants can join the web conference through Highfive URL. No download is required.

I) Participants are limited
II) The subscription plans are costly.

I) The starter plan (Select plan) costs $99/room (per month) for features like HD camera, mics, and CPU.
II) The next level plan (Select Plus plan) costs $199/room (per month) for an additional feature i.e. Dolby Conference Phone.
III) There's one more plan (Select Premium plan) which can be customizable as per your needs.

5. Logitech

To make your business communication process easier, seamless, and effective, Logitech has introduced a all-in-one video conferencing kit for meeting rooms. The best part is -- it's easy to deploy, use, and manage.

It's integrated with the following features, such as calendar integration, a sturdy 10.1" touch screen, a built-in HDMI input (for content sharing), and quick launcher screen etc.

I) It's an optimized solution for tight spaces.
II) It comes with a customizable on-screen dashboard.

I) Participants are limited
II) The subscription plans are costly.

There are two plans for Logitech meeting rooms, such as Standard meetup kit and Premium Meetup kit. The pricing of these plans has a starting price of $999 USD. But you also need to pay for its software service monthly or yearly.


In the above list of 5 video conferencing kits, ezTalks certainly stands out from the rest. Not only the pricing of ezTalks video conferencing kit is affordable and inexpensive, but also, it's integrated with so many outstanding features that will make your business collaborative absolutely faultless.

So, what are you waiting for? Want to transform your small or medium rooms now? Use ezTalks video conferencing kit for meeting rooms and improve your business communication process.


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