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How Much Does Video Conferencing Equipment Cost?

Video conferencing equipment helps to transmit full-motion video images and high-definition audio remotely. While a live, visual connection and communication between two or more people residing in separate locations definitely should rely on the use of video conferencing equipment. Actually, when it comes to video conferencing solutions, no matter SMEs or large companies, video conferencing equipment prices are the key factors to consider.

Video Conferencing Solutions

The most ideal cheapest video conferencing hardware should be affordable, easy-to-use and multifunctional. For different sizes of your conference rooms, here are the tips for you.

Meet Mini- Portable All-in-One Video Conferencing Device for Focus Rooms

a) Integrated with a touch screen, wide-angle camera, coder, microphone, Hi-Fi speaker, WiFi, built-in battery and multifunctional software;
b) Full HD touch screen & Far-end control
c) Easy to set up and use for anyone
d) Suitable for multiple scenarios

It only cost $699. (ONE-TIME FEE for permanent use)

★ Meet S- Affordable All-in-One Video Conferencing Equipment for Huddle Rooms

a) Convenient installation process with only three steps required
b) 1080P camera with 120 field-of-view and dual microphones to deliver ultra HD video & audio
c) Can flexibly control and manage your room via desktops, laptops, tablets, Macs, mobile devices and T-Voice 100

This video conference system price is just $899.

★ Meet Pro- Premium All-in-One Video Conferencing Equipment for Small Rooms

a) Can get dynamic images with the ePTZ control, without any delay
b) Dual microphone arrays with 5-meter pick-up range
c) Easy to install and control

Though it takes pride in its great functions and advanced design, its price at $1299 is still lower than other video conferencing equipment prices.

★ Meet X- Premium Video Conferencing Solution for Medium-Large Rooms

a) Integrated with 1080P PTZ wide-angle camera, codec and software
b) Dual display for interactive presentation
c) Supports dual displays with up to 25 video feeds

It just osts $2399 for video conferencing in larger spaces.

For even better audio and video performance, you can also adopt relative video conferencing accessories like H310U, T-Voice and etc.

All these can cut your video conferencing cost but get outstanding video conferencing result. It seems like a very easy way to solve your communication problems.

Ways to Do Video Conferencing

All video conferencing solutions have varying levels of communication. They differ in their specifications, as well as in prices. Therefore, before one subscribes to this kind of technology, it is advisable to compare their features and video conference system prices.

•Desktop Video Conference

The most common type is desktop video conferencing. The price of prepaid plan software services for desktop video conferencing often ranges from $24 to $79 per month, this is the average cost of video conferencing equipment, depending on the number of attendees. Some software companies like ezTalks also offer free trials. But you can only conduct the video conferences as long as you buy a compatible desktop. If you want more intelligent meeting/webinar experiences with more people in a conference room, you need to select the right and low-cost video conferencing equipment.


Telepresence is another type of distant communication technology. It is important to research on teleconference equipment reviews and see what end-users feel about the services in order to better decide how much is video conferencing equipment. From there, weigh out your options. Here are three examples.

For Telepresence, tools like Polycom video conferencing equipment can cost up to $100,000, which absolutely not the inexpensive video conferencing equipment. Your subscription fees depend on the size and needs of your business. 

Compared with Polycom video conferencing equipment cost, Cisco video conferencing equipment prices for telepresence are competitive. But what you can choose to precisely match your room size may be more difficult and complicated.

While Kubi also adopts the telepresence technology, but it only supports a stand to hold your device. That means you need to pay more money to prepare the whole video conference system. Why not save extra cost and choose all-in-one device that includes the use of virtual reality technology that gives the appearance of persons, as if they are all present in the same location?

•Room-based Conferencing

Nowadays, the video conference equipment cost in India is getting very competitive, given the establishment of many service providers. It is important to research on every video conferencing hardware cost to know how it can expedite your business processes. If you are starting a business, the cost of video conferencing equipment in India might be one thing you should investigate first. Try to compare the cost/the value it would give; and how it can help to reduce general costs too. For businesses, the substantial benefits of video conferencing include lower travel costs (especially for employee training) and shortened project duration as a result of enhanced communications among team members.

Experts recommend ezTalks video conferencing equipment for those who are starters, and who wants a reliable virtual conference experience for business. Compared to the others, (especially with Sony video conferencing equipment prices), their offers combine affordability and high-quality service.

With ezTalks, professional and easy-to-use video conferencing services are delivered. When price range is compared, it is significantly lesser than Polycom video conferencing equipment price.


Which video conference equipment can support the most flexible ways for effective communication and provide the most affordable video conference system price? I think you will better know how to choose after reading the article.


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