• video conferencing equipment
  • All-in-one Design
    Equipped with all-in-one hardware and cloud-based software for the easiest meeting room solution, Onion is a powerful
    real-time collaboration and interactive video conferencing equipment to keep you always be with your team.
  • HD Video
    You can get incomparable image quality with Onion’s 1080p camera and 120° wide angle lens, which help you see
    impossible and see more in a meeting.
  • Built-in Audio
    Onion not only captures your meetings with high-quality microphone to ensure you an exceptional sound for better
    communication, but also sounds bigger than its size with the customized speaker.
  • Superb Connection
    Onion lets you enjoy a much smoother, faster and stable streaming video via wireless connection
    or wired connection in a meeting without getting annoyed by the unworked image.
  • Many-to-many Video
    Onion offers many-to-many video conferencing at scale, supporting up to hundreds of people participating in a single session
  • Screen/File Sharing
    Using revolutionary screen sharing, you can display your PPT, videos, photos, etc. easily with just one simple click.
  • Seamless Collaboration
    The collaboration function with co-annotation brings teamwork to a new level, ideal for who wants to generate more ideas and
    build stronger relationships.