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Never Miss Another Meeting Again

“I forgot that regular meeting had changed to 14:30! Now I’ve no preparation at all!”

“Oops, I just arrived in Paris for my vacation when receiving the call to attend a very urgent meeting!”

“Damn the poor internet connection, I can’t hear the presentation clearly in the webinar! I’m afraid that I might have missed something important.”

miss meetings

It’s not uncommon to miss or be late for meetings due to various reasons, such as bad memory, get stuck in traffic or be delayed elsewhere. But fortunately, with the improvement of video conferencing services, online meeting gradually replaces the traditional way of hosting a meeting and enables you to attend online from any place at any time.

To ensure that you’ll never miss another meeting, you must get trustworthy video conferencing software (ezTalks is highly recommended here) installed on your PC, iOS or Android devices first. Then in the following, I’d like to show how ezTalks guarantees you with that from 3 aspects.

Check Online Meeting Agenda at Any Time

The built-in online meeting agenda of ezTalks lists all arranged online conferences (together with meeting subject/information) in time order, which enables you to be well informed of each upcoming meeting and to avoid being flooded with busy affairs.

Join Online Meeting from iPhone/iPad/Android Devices from Any Place

Aside from its professional PC/Mac version, ezTalks also betters itself by developing much more convenient mobile terminals that empower you to join online meeting while on the go since you can directly attend from iPhone, iPad and other Android wherever you are.

join online meeting from iphone

Record Online Meeting for Absentees

Moreover, ezTalks supports recording live meeting from beginning to end in HD video and audio, which includes shared desktop screen, annotated files, newly-created whiteboard as well as instant messages. This ensures those absentees (who can’t connect to Wi-Fi or has a phone out of battery) to “attend” online meeting in a special way.

Quite useful, isn’t it? With above 3 features of ezTalks, I bet you’ll never miss online meeting again!clipart picture source:netclipart|seekclipart|pinclipart|clipartwiki|jing.fm|clipartmax

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