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Top 5 Tips for Running Effective Meetings

Drowsy and distracted, employees sitting around a conference room regardless of manager’s passionate marketing strategy for the coming month (see the picture below). Ironically, the traditional meeting used to brainstorm or overcome challenges should have become the top killer that reduces work efficiency in the office.

sleeping in meeting

Therefore, here comes the era of video conferencing! It enhances attendees’ sense of participation by advancing the traditional one-to-many conference mode to one-to-one, which makes meeting much more productive. In the following, I’d like to list 5 useful tips for you to conduct effective meetings.

Tip 1: Choose Trustworthy Video Conferencing Software

First of all, you must pick up all-round software that makes online meeting available, stable as well as in high quality. ezTalks is just a well-received one based on best video conferencing software. It offers you a supreme video conferencing experience with HD video and seamless audio guaranteeing clearer facial expression and better eye contact communication, which focuses everyone’s attention on the conference itself.

video conferencing software

Tip 2: Notify Attendees of an Upcoming Meeting in Advance

Remember that never notify a meeting at short notice unless it’s urgent. Unexpected meetings would disrupt productivity and reduce work efficiency as employees usually plan their work ahead of time. Hence, schedule online meeting and send email invitation with meeting subject in advance is necessary since it leaves sufficient time for attendees to make full preparation. Namely, your meeting will be more productive.

Tip 3: Share Files Online for Effective Discussion

Share relevant meeting material online and ask attendees to read together rather than individually. All too often, attendees get distracted from thinking over a written proposal. By contrast, discussing and annotating the material while viewing it together on the screen is a perfect way to attract attention.

share files online

Tip 4: Record Online Meeting in Video and Audio

Set video conferencing software to automatically record online meeting. As you may have noticed, there must be one taking the minutes in traditional meetings for future review. Though it’s pardonable to miss one point or two, inaccurately conveying information to absentees may result in huge mistakes. Then recording online meeting from beginning to end would guarantee that you’ll be well informed of everything! FYI, ezTalks records online meeting in video and audio by default.

Tip 5: Utilize Whiteboard to Jot down Ideas

Take advantage of whiteboard to draw out or jot down ideas concisely. As Tip 2 points out, attendees who’re fully prepared would come up with creative ideas as soon as the online meeting starts. All you need is to quickly record their thoughts without interrupting them and whiteboard can help you well with that especially in fierce brainstorm.

whiteboard for brainstorming

Of course, above-mentioned 5 tips are far from enough to make your meetings attractive and productive. For more information, please click Tips for Better Online Meetings.Picture source: netclipart|seekclipart|pinclipart|clipartwiki|jing.fm|clipartmax

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