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What can We Learn from Big Meet on Teacher’s Day

Recently the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has addressed about 800 students of different schools of the countries to wish them a surprise "Happy teacher's day". Although it looks impossible to greet this large amount of students in one go. However, with the advent of technology and advancement in the modes of communication, communicating with such a large number of people is now possible and addressing the people has became a lot more practical and faster than ever before.

Today, on the teacher's day of year 2015, the 800 lucky students got a chance to ask questions to none other than PM Modi. The event was so graceful that everyone who has attended this video conference will remember it for his lifetime.

happy teachers day

Now, let's talk a bit about the technique that made this event possible: VIDEO CONFRENCING. The video conferencing has moved a long way since its evolution. The changes in the technique now let us to have conversations in high definition, making it easier to understand. Moreover, the fact that the bandwidth been increased by many folds also makes the transmission of the signal faster and more reliable than ever before.

Video conferencing can be considered as an advanced way of communication and has somewhat similar phenomenon through which the voice is transferred through the telephone. The difference between transferring voice and image/video lies in the bandwidth they are being transferred from a place to another. Before the video conferencing, the business houses typically use the mails and phone calls to communicate with the clients.

After a few years, the video conferencing has achieved the software interference to make the conferencing easier. This newer version of video conferencing has provided the users more flexibility and control over the conversation with a lot more features that were previous version of video conferencing has missed. The software based or more precisely the cloud based video conferencing is much more secure than the normal video conferencing and has better support to the modern systems.

The way the teacher's day event has gained popularity for the successful completion, somehow shows how reliable the technology is. Now when the government organization is relying on this heavily, why shouldn't we use it for the business purposes? Today almost all businesses are global and the clients reside in different parts of the world. Relying on the telephonic conversations and mails may seem a bit outdated now. In order to communicate with each other to know customer demands well, we need to rely on something more advanced and fast. And this is what the cloud based video conferencing is all about.

If you are new to business or unaware about the companies that are providing the service, we would recommend you to try ezTalks, which can easily handle the event like that held on the teacher's day in India. Specifically talking, the ezTalks can handle the conference of about 10000 people sitting in a room talking with a guy who is geographically located on the other part of the globe. So, what are you waiting for, just check out ezTalks plan to make a positive impression on your client.

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