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The Status of Cloud VoIP in Enterprises

Cloud VoIP phone system technology is part of cloud communications which depends on the internet for voice and data communications. The concept of a cloud-based platform seeks to replace the software-based platform at lower costs. This technology is even more beneficial to enterprises since it cuts the cost by half. Unfortunately, more than half of enterprises fail to see the importance of embracing this technology.

Tech companies providing the VoIP phone systems services have failed to convince explicitly enterprises why they should move from the conventional premises-based systems. Cloud VoIP stands a good chance to replace the premise based systems if only they realized that. It is understandable that a lot of companies should consider a lot of factors before moving to the cloud-based platform.

Such factors include the features offered by the phone system of cloud that should be compatible with the existing premise-based system. Critical features of business communications such as conferencing, queues and IVRs should be present for the system to be viable. The VoIP provided by ezTalks is designed to cut cost without compromising on quality and features. Other reasons that would make ezTalks an excellent provider of VoIP services is that you can use your card to call other countries without extra advertisement charges.

Another factor is the cost of installation of the cloud-based system. Though Cloud VoIP installation by ezTalks is done at a low cost and a reasonable monthly fee per user, it can be still high if an enterprise prefers to use an on-site server. An even bigger enterprise would enjoy the economies of scale by being using cloud VoIP, which is effective.

Enterprises should also consider the future of their business before moving to the cloud-based system. The potential of an enterprise growing should be accommodated in the move to the system. The integration with other systems in the business should be seamless.

A survey by Evolve IP on “2015 Business Communications and Collaboration Tools” showed that at least 81% of phone systems installed are premise-based making the remaining percentage cloud-based VoIP. The survey reported that less than 20% of enterprises sampled knew that their phone system in the future would be premise-based and not cloud–based. Moreover, at least 27% of those of the survey were convinced they would embrace the cloud VoIP system in future.

Nonetheless, a large 53% of individuals are not ready to take on the cloud VoIP even though it has evolved in the word of enterprises. Even as enterprises begin to leverage on VoIP, the importance of this phone system is not popular with individuals. One of the reasons for the lack of enthusiasm for the VoIP system is the lack of knowledge about it. One-third of those interviewed showed they did not know of the communications technology. That is probably the mistake of the vendors who have been giving the impression that the technology is for enterprises only. The survey also showed that 73% had problems choosing the right system. Other problems with choosing the VoIP system were, getting the right host and establishing the required features and the employee adoption of the new system.

On the other hand, those aware of the available joined communication systems, have a problem choosing a system. The definite benefits of the cloud VoIP are, ability to manage one's calls effectively, increase productivity in the workplace, one gets to control the cost by choosing a suitable package, the guarantee to grow business in future without communications doubts, and finally one can manage the entire voice estate with one solution. The ezTalks offers such benefits and many more.

Finally, the survey indicated that 76% of those interviewed used products like Skype, Lync for communications in their organizations. Organizations that are without products video communications such as video desk phone preferred face to face communications. The growth of VoIP is expected to explode investing in it is a viable decision for not only the enterprises but also individuals.

Cloud VoIP lets voice connections happen over Internet Protocol (IP) channels, and the beauty of it all is that it can be implemented in a range of different ways. VoIP phone system should increase their consumer market by increasing awareness and benefits of the phone system.

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