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Revolutionize Your Medium Video Conference Room with VPE3000

Integrated with powerful software, VPE3000 is a small yet powerful built-in video conferencing endpoint to create your own medium meeting room for 720P HD video and audio communication and collaboration at any time from anywhere!

VPE3000: Outstanding Video Conferencing Endpoint

VPE3000 is a video conferencing endpoint equipped with high networking adaptability and high interface connector compatibility, offering outstanding 720P HD video communication experience in real time for the medium-sized video conference room.

Compact Design

Leading Audio/Video Codec

Smart Network Adaptability

High Connector Compatibility

Real-time Collaboration Tools for Your Medium Room

Embedded powerful software provides with multiple collaboration tools to make your medium video conference remarkably easy and brilliant!

HD Video & Audio

The leading H.264 codec doubles the precision of video to deliver 720P HD video stream and high-fidelity audio to strikingly imitate customary face-to-face communication.

Dual-screen Display

Enable to connect to display or TV and share different or same video contents on 2 screens at the same time. Attendees can read the report on screens and communicate with remote teams on TV at the same time.

Whiteboard & Annotation

Draft and draw unshaped ideas simply with a pen, a highlighter and an eraser, then share immediately with coworkers in various places and allow for annotations in real time.

File & Screen Sharing

Share your desktop, applications, and document/multimedia files in real time to align your global team members, regardless of distance and time zones.

Private & Group Chat

Instantly send group text or private text to get all your team members at your fingertips, irrespective of their physical positions.

Professional Voting

Create online polls for your organization in seconds. Any participant can vote from any location on any device to contribute to making a final decision by all participants.

Meeting Recording & Playback

Record all or any parts of the online video meeting, and save to your USB stick or hard drive via USB ports for later reference and playback.

Meeting Management & Control

Allow to take your medium meeting at full control, including quick rollcall, manual rollcall, locking room, closing room, muting all, adding watermark, and more.

– Jaylene Silva, CTO

"ezTalks VPE3000 makes it easy for our team to quickly share reports and make instant decisions, whether our teammates are in the same room or on the other side of the world. Its powerful software brings all together like the local meeting. ezTalks VPE3000 is perfect for group brainstorming and individual ideas. A great solution for business conference."