• Create Your Professional Medium Sized Video Conferencing Room
  • Integrated with powerful video conferencing software, ezTalks VPE3000 brings much possibility to teammates’ communication. It is affordable, flexible and smart which is perfectly suitable for your medium meeting rooms.
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  • Compact Design
    The revolutionary small and lightweight body allows ezTalks VPE3000 to be placed on any platform
    flexibly together with other devices connected by its rich interfaces including USB, audio ports, VGA, HDMI.
  • Smooth Communication
    Not rely on the bandwidth, ezTalks VPE3000 can adjust itself to offer the best video and audio.
    Furthermore, it uses world's leading H.264 to double the precision of video.
  • High-performance Whiteboard
    As one of the best online collaboration tool, its whiteboard sharing function brings real-time
    team work and visualize your ideas with ease.
  • Rich Sharing Methods
    Remote sharing includes various-formats document sharing, multimedia files sharing, desktop
    sharing, applications sharing, whiteboard sharing to significantly facilitate your meeting process.
  • Unlimited Screen Recording
    Select the part you want in the video and add the subtitles for your video to gain an amazing
    lesson video or an important meeting video in progress effortlessly.
  • PTZ Control
    Connect with PTZ camera and zoom camera to show the new released product to other branches exhaustively.