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Your Large Conference Room Solution, Easy & Intelligent

ezTalks VPE4000 is a powerful and reliable embedded HD video conferencing endpoint designed to simplify large conference room. It's highly integrated with versatile software, and works perfectly with multiple displays, microphones and cameras. It brings smooth interactive 1080P HD video and audio experience for large conferences, webinar, distance education, telemedicine and more.

Rebuild Your Large Conference Room with VPE4000

A powerful build-in video conferencing endpoint with professional design, adopts leading H.264 video codec and offers various interface connectors to be compatible with various displays, microphones, speakers and cameras, making large conferencing room professional, brilliant and secured.

Leading H.264 Codec

High Compatibility

Powerful Network Adaptability

Advanced Data Encryption

Versatile Software to Enrich Your Large Conference

The thoughtfully embedded software offers lots of feature-rich communication and collaboration tools to bring amazing experiences for your large conference room.

HD Video & Audio

Offer up to 1920*1080p HD video with up to 60 frames/sec, and crystal-clear audio to realize face-to-face communication, irrespective of your participants' various locations.

Flexible Multiple Displays

Display the same video stream or date stream on multi screens simultaneously, or display specific video stream or data stream on one screen to make multi screens show independently at the same time.

Whiteboard & Annotation

Use different drawing tools to mark, draw and edit your unshaped thoughts to keep team members aligned and make annotations.

Share Screen & File

Upload video, audio, images, files and more, and share with team members immediately. Share your screen with your team members, so they can see what you're seeing in no time no matter where they are.

Instant Messaging

Support cross-platform chats with instant messages allowed to be sent either publicly or privately.

Professional Voting

Gather live responses simply by creating online polls, so as to give the presenter a fast and easy way to take the pulse of all participants at once.

Smart Meeting Recording

Record your whole large meetings or specific sessions at your will so that you can play freely at any time in the future.

Roll Call & Video Looping

Check whether every important participant has entered your large conference via quick rollcall or manual rollcall. Loop video to observe the live status in different meeting rooms, and broadcast the video looping to all.

– Jenny R. Colon, Sales Manager

"ezTalks VPE4000 has made video collaboration absolutely seamless for our employees, customers, and partners. It has become a part of our culture. We shall have more branches in the future and we feel very glad to adopt ezTalks VPE4000 for our all enterprise conferencing."