• Strengthen Business Relationships with ezTalks VPE4000 Collaboration Meeting Room Solution
  • ezTalks VPE4000 is a device integrated with on-premise video conferencing software, which is compatible with multiple displays, microphones and cameras, bringing amazing experience for online meetings, remote trainings and healthcare.
  • Contact Sales
  • Professional Design
    Use simple yet rational body design with superior quality metal case, also support long-hour work with the help of its great cooling system.
  • HD Video
    Support 1080P video input and output to bring you unparalleled interactive video experience
  • Flexible Multiple Displays
    Output a continuous image across multiple screens to gain the largest display. Also it can share the same image on various displays.
  • Powerful File Sharing
    Share reports with your business partners or edit documents with teammates. Collaborate everywhere with ezTalks VPE4000!
  • Professional Voting
    Teachers can assign online academic work including one-choice or multiple-choice questions very conveniently.
    And voting will help important decision maker get more feedback from participants.
  • Optimized Video Recording
    Select the area you need and then record a satisfying video, you won’t miss any exciting speech.