Comprehensive Platform for Perfect Remote Collaboration

ezTalks VPM3000 is a high-performance multipoint control unit (MCU) which supports H.264 and MPEG4 codec as well as various network communication protocols. It can maximally support 1080P resolution terminal’s access, load balancing and server cascade connection, as well as multi audio codecs. It provides users an all-in-one platform for remote communication and data collaboration.

Your Outstanding Server to Conduct Group Video Conferences

ezTalks MCU supports up to 300 terminals, 64-stream videos output, 4 networks and 4 routers backup with high stability and safety.

Large Capacity

Multi-videos Output

Data Backup

Stable Performance

A Versatile Server to Better Your Video Conferencing Experience

ezTalks VPM3000 allows users to enjoy the high-quality video conferencing and various data functions as well as wide compatibility.

HD Video

Support two channels of 720P/1080P videos to offer excellent video experience.

Stetreo Audio Output

Deploy G.722.1C/ AMR-WB which can process wider bass and treble to offer broader sound range to make real and pragmatic audio experience.

Wide Compatibility for Endpoint Devices

Compatible with different types of endpoint devices to keep smooth video outputs and minimize initial investment.

Various Picture Formats Supported

Support various picture formats including 1080P, 720P, 4CIF, CIF and QCIF.

Built-in Management Software

Provide a great performance for user management, room management, log management, data management, administrator management, etc. with the built-in CES software.

Powerful Network Adaptability

Keep low packet loss probability and ensure good communication under bad network circumstance.

Multiple Network Ports Design

Can transfer from public network to private one. No need to change the network framework and security restrictions that can connect different physical network or logic network.

Multi QoS Design

Improve the priority of video and audio communication data to ensure that the communication media stream will arrive first, and maintain the smooth of video conferencing.

– Hayden Jones, VP Marketing

"ezTalks VPM3000 is surprisingly simple to set up and use. The system also handles normal network variances with ease, smoothly streaming live audio and video from other sites."