• Provide a Comprehensive Platform for Remote Collaboration with ezTalks VPM3000
  • VPM3000 is a high-performance multipoint control unit (MCU) which connects multiple endpoint devices with large capacity, high stability and safety to provide perfect collaboration experience.
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  • Convenient Design
    Compact and clean, the standard 2U design makes it convenient to be mounted on rack or anywhere needed.
  • Large Capacity
    One MCU can support up to 300 entries of endpoint devices simultaneously.
  • High Stability
    Can work for 7x24 hours continuously.
  • Multi-videos Output
    Simultaneously supports up to 64-stream videos which is perfect for large size conference.
  • Safety and Reliability
    Standard hardware integration and various backup technologies to keep system safe and reliable.
  • Simple Operation
    Built-in web management function to enable remote management even by people with no technical background.