Get Webinars Well Prepared

Preparing for your event is quite easy with simple scheduling and hassle-free registration process. Attract and impress your audience with the customized meeting room and proper invitation email.



Registration page

Waiting room with agenda

Invitation Email

Address book

Multi roles

Team member account

HD Video

HD Audio

Screen sharing



Online chat

Polls & survey

Web & mobile apps

Run Webinars Interactively

Present your ideas to the audience and interact with participants effortlessly via the HD video/audio and collaborative tools. Collect feedbacks easily with the quick polls & survey. Host or join an ezTalks webinar from anywhere through web, PC and mobile apps.

Make Webinars More Productive

Get the most from your webinars by analyzing the statistics and reports to track the trends and attitudes. Share your content flawlessly to extend your audience base

Webinar report

Register report

Participants report

Thank-you page

Webinar cloud recording

Webinar cloud storage

Recording online replay & download

Easily sharing

Why ezTalks?

Over 100,000,000 minutes video conversations every year in 195 countries.