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ezTalks Webinar is the powerful webinar software that enables to create any type of webinar you need: Live Webinar, Automated Webinar, On-demand Webinar or Paid Webinar. One webinar platform for all application scenarios!

Live Webinar

The host can schedule or start real-time webinars to reach, engage and convert their audience. In a live webinar, the host can adapt to different situations on the fly to better engage and convert the audience.

Automated Webinar

The host can record a live webinar in advance and use the pre-recorded video as a simulated live event at a scheduled time. Thus the host is not required to be present in the automated webinar, which could save lots of time and energy.

On-demand Webinar

The host can record a live webinar and share it with follow-up e-mails, social media & any other channels. The audiences can easily access, watch, pause and playback the webinar via the web whenever they want, which helps generate more leads from the webinar recordings.

Paid Webinar

Set up paid webinars via PayPal integration to monetize your expertise. Attendees can pay to access your webinar in a simple and secure way. Making money with your webinars becomes much easier and safer.

Get Webinars Well Prepared

Preparing for your event is quite easy with simple scheduling and hassle-free registration process. Attract and impress your audience with the customized waiting room and proper invitation email.


Schedule a webinar in seconds! Very easy to use, without complicated steps to create a webinar. All you need is just to type your webinar topic and select the webinar time. Don’t worry about setting up the webinar waiting room, registration page or thank-you page; the default templates will help you to schedule a webinar effortlessly.

Custom Branding

Allow you to customize the webinar with your own brand in the entire webinar process, which greatly enhances your brand impact to your audience. Upload your brand logo in your webinar waiting room, and it will be also in your webinar registration page, thank-you page, live webinar room and all the auto-response emails.

Registration Page

With a registration form template, you can easily customize your webinar registration page with your logo, and set the form options to collect attendees' information, such as name, email, region and other fields. The registration page allows your prospects to register for your webinar and helps you learn more about your audience. You are free to turn on or turn off the registration feature.

Waiting Room with Agenda

Setting up a webinar waiting room with useful information will help attract your audience and keep them engaged. With a webinar agenda example, you can easily customize your webinar waiting room with your agenda, like the webinar objective, schedule or introduction about presenters. You can also upload the theme picture for your webinar to personalize the waiting room.

Invitation Email

Send your webinar invitation in multiple ways including links, emails and ezTalks Contacts. Set your invitation letter with your logo to keep your brand consistency. Your webinar panelist and participants will receive different invitation letters with their own titles, and get the auto-responding emails once they confirm their attendance.

Address Book

Create and manage your contacts conveniently. Add new contacts via email or importing from Google or Outlook. Create groups to make your contacts more organized, and send invitation and follow-up emails to your targeted groups and prospects more effectively.

Multiple roles

The webinar attendees can be set as panelists or participants by the webinar host. Up to 100 panelists are allowed to make webinar presentations and interact with audience via HD video, audio, screen sharing and whiteboard in one webinar. The participants can not only view the webinar and have text chats, but can be promoted to panelists by the host. This helps to make your webinar more interactive and keep your audience more engaged.

Team Member Account

Easily manage your team member accounts by the main account. Authorize your webinar licenses to your teammates, so that they can run webinars with unique login credentials and separate storage space. You have full control of each subaccount’s access right, changing the licenses to different users and checking their webinar statistics.


Custom branding

Registration page

Waiting room
with agenda

Invitation email

Address book

Multiple roles

Team member account

HD video

HD audio

Screen sharing



Online chat

Polls & surveys

Web & mobile apps

Run Webinars Interactively

Present your ideas to the audience and interact with participants effortlessly via the HD video/audio and collaborative tools. Collect feedbacks easily with the quick polls & survey. Host or join an ezTalks webinar from anywhere through web, PC and mobile apps.

HD Video

Deliver a seamless HD video experience for video webinars, online events and live streaming (webcasting). Allow up to 100 panelists to share their videos and interact with the audience. Enable up to 25 video feeds shared simultaneously in one webinar. The host can promote audience to presenter with video capabilities. As one of the best webinar software, it makes your virtual events feel like a live conference.

HD Audio

Enable flawless HD audio for your webinar presentation and interactivity. Allow to make the audience as a presenter with audio capabilities. Mute or unmute the presenters to manage the webinar room easily. Deliver an ultra-clear audio quality even in a slow internet speed with the advanced technology like AEC, ANS and AGC.

Screen Sharing

Share your screen in one click. Enable to share your full or partial screen clearly and smoothly. Participants can view your computer desktop or mobile screen in real time as well as your video. Flawless screen sharing makes your webinar presentation more effective.


Illustrate your idea by drawing and texts, and collaborate with your attendees by drawing together. The online whiteboard helps you to present your webinar more effectively, and to increase your webinar interactivity and audience engagement.


Share and present any kind of your webinar content including videos, PPT, Excel, Word and many others. Make an interactive webinar presentation with collaborative tools like HD video, audio and text chat, screen sharing, whiteboard and co-annotation during your online presentation.

Online Chat

Text chat is an easy and fast way for webinar interaction. The host and attendees can interact privately or publicly via 1-1 conversation or group chat. The audiences are enabled to send instant messages to share their ideas, make comments or give feedbacks. Text chat makes your webinar more interactive.

Polls & Surveys

Engage and interact with your audience by polls and surveys. Create single-choice and multiple-choice questions to custom your polls and surveys. Collect your audiences opinions and feedbacks on your webinar, and get inspiring ideas for your next webinar.

Web & Mobile Apps

Run your webinars anywhere, anytime on any device. The host can schedule and manage its webinars easily through the web browser. Participants can join the webinar room and have text chat directly via the web browser without downloading software. Besides Windows PCs and Macs, ezTalks Webinar is also compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices, which enables to host or join webinars on the go.

Make Webinars More Productive

Get the most from your webinars by analyzing the statistics and reports to track the trends and attitudes. Share your content flawlessly to extend your audience base.

Webinar Report

The webinar report with detailed statistics enables you to analyze your webinar performance and identify the quality leads. This will help you improve your upcoming webinars with better webinar content and performance.

Register Report

The register report shows the detailed data of your webinar registrants, including the name, email, country, register time and others. It will keep you updated on your webinar registration progress, enable you to know how your webinar invitations convert and help you decide whether to invite your audience again or promote your webinars in more effective ways.

Participants Report

The participants report enables you to know better about your audience and how your webinar converts. You can analyze their behaviors, find the valuable prospects and group them in your address book for further follow up.

Thank-you Page

Custom thank-you page with your webinar information and leave a good final impression to your audiences. The thank-you page will enable your audience to rate for your webinar and leave their feedbacks and advice to your webinar and the presenter.

Webinar Cloud Recording

Start and stop recording your webinar by one click. Or you can enable auto recording to the cloud when scheduling a webinar, then your webinar will be recorded automatically once it starts. No need to worry about forgetting to record your webinar any more.

Webinar Cloud Storage

Save and archive all your webinar recordings in the cloud storage. It will enable to keep your webinar files as well. The cloud storage is renewable and scalable depending on your needs. Now ezTalks Webinar offers a free webinar trial with 1 GB free cloud storage.

Facebook & YouTube Live

Facebook & YouTube Live Streaming is the way to expand your valuable content to a wider audience. You can engage more social media network and generate more leads by streaming your webinar live on Facebook & YouTube.

Recordings Online Replay & Download

Replay your webinar recordings to analyze your webinar performance and learn how to improve in the future. Download the recordings from the cloud storage to make the most of your webinars, and share them to the audiences to expand your webinar impact. You can enable your audience to replay and review your webinars via the web whenever they want.

Easy Sharing

Easily share your webinar invitation or webinar recordings to various social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, thus to attract more prospects and increase your brand awareness. Flexible sharing in multiple ways including links, emails, and ezTalks contacts.

Webinar report

Register report

Participants report

Thank-you page

Webinar cloud recording

Webinar cloud storage

Youtube & Facebook Live

Recordings online replay & download

Easy sharing

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I use ezTalks Webinar for remote training for my clients in different locations. My clients like it because they can enhance the knowledge by reviewing the webinar recordings. A good webinar tool!

Gabriel Alva, Financial Consultant

My team needs an easy webinar platform for online marketing. ezTalks Webinar just works perfectly for us. It is so easy-to-use that we can host successful webinars without any help of technical personnel.

Peter Smith, Marketing Manager

I had couple of students live in Kuwait, and they were planning to take a short trip from Kuwait to Riyadh and attend my session but that was difficult because accommodation expenses. Once I publish my courses online via ezTalks Webinar, they were so happy to attend. ezTalks Webinar makes it so easy to meet and get instant interaction.

AbdulAziz Alamar, Professor

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