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A Guide on How to Attend a Webinar


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A webinar can be described as an online seminar in which the host is connected to the listeners and audience from around the world. Webinars are mostly used to host online presentations or promote something that can be about business, service, industry or any other information that they deem valuable and others want to learn about. Here is a step-by-step guide on how do I participate in a webinar.

How to Attend a Webinar

Whether the attending process is easy, it largely depends on what webinar service that the host uses. ezTalks Webinar tops among plenty of webinar services in the market. Here we take ezTalks Webinar as an example to show how to participate in a webinar.

1. Attend a webinar without downloading ezTalks app.

This is a very simple way to join a webinar. Just click the webinar URL from the host and type your basic information, then you can easily participate in the webinar from the browser.

2. Attend a webinar after downloading ezTalks app.

After downloading ezTalks Webinar software, you can also attend a webinar. Click the following button to get the latest version of ezTalks app.

download button

2.1 Attend a webinar without login

After using ezTalks app, there are also two ways to take part in a webinar. Once you know the Webinar ID, by just entering the 9-digit number, your name and email, you can easily join the webinar without login.

2.2 Attend a webinar after login

You can log in the app by entering your email address and password, and then select the "Join a Webinar" option to attend webinar. Before that, make sure you have already signed up the ezTalks Webinar app.

Flexible ways are available which are also easy for those don't know how to participate in a webinar.

Things to Consider When Attend a Webinar

1. Software compatibility

Don't be worried about what device you intend to view the webinar on. Most webinar applications like ezTalks Webinar will allow you to view them on any device such as Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

2. Mute your microphone when it is necessary

If you want no one hears anything from your end of the call when you take part in a webinar, you should mute your microphone. Unless the host asks for people to speak, it is best to mute it so that you don't accidentally interrupt the webinar or broadcast your conversation to the entire audience.

3. Get invitation email

After scheduling the webinar, your host may send you an email. In this on-the-go and busy day and age, it is definitely an important factor in ensuring that all the participants turn up for the webinar. An invitation email can remind you of presence and make you feel respected.

4. Screen sharing and innovative whiteboard

With ezTalks Webinar, it is possible to share a screen in real time and make co-annotations with your audience. In this way, they will be able to demonstrate and highlight their points in real time. This makes the webinar more interactive as opposed to the presenter just sitting there listening mindlessly to the host. It connects the audience directly to the presenters, even if you are not in the same room or even country.

Besides, its innovative whiteboard allows hosts to draw ideas using pencils, text, highlights, erasers and other tools. This means your experience as a member of the audience will be further enhanced and you will be able to learn so much more.


Hopefully, this article has helped you learn how to attend a webinar and how to get involved in such an active atmosphere. Webinar hosting is an extremely wise choice for hosts to share information, drive communication, boost sales, etc. In addition to its great productivity, you can also get something useful from the webinars from the comfort of your own home.


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