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Benefits of Webinars for Online Education

With Internet technology, it is possible to get connected with people everywhere across the globe at any time we want. A web based seminar or webinar is a presentation, lecture, workshop or a seminar conducted over the internet using video conferencing software. During which the host uses conferencing equipments and multimedia to connect to viewers or listeners interactively, including voice communications, live or prerecorded videos, online presentations, product demonstrations, text chats and more.

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Considering the difficulty to accommodate all students who want to take online classes, many institutions begin to search for professional webinar software that helps them to conduct classes online as webinar has many advantages over physical face-to-face instruction mode of learning when it comes to teaching and learning. Basically, webinars for online education have following 6 significant benefits.

Flexibility. Webinars enable students to access learning material anywhere at any time, which is exciting news for those who do not have time or are far away access learning material.

More fields for selection. Students learning through webinars are able to choose even those degree programs that they couldn't otherwise take due to distance limitations. It is now possible for students to complete degree programs offered in a different continent on the globe.

Learning timetable availability. The learning timetables of classes offered on-campus are usually rigid and do not offer much flexibility to students. Webinars have made it possible for students to pause between classes and start off again at a time of their own choosing.

Cost effective. Students who use webinars for education find it cheaper since traveling costs and other expenses that demanded by on-campus learning are excluded. Books that traditional classes require might not be necessary in the case where students use webinars.

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Interactivity. Teachers are more approachable online and students are more comfortable communicating with teachers through chats and newsgroup discussions as opposed to face-to-face interactions. This is because webinars put all attendees in an equal position to contribute in the virtual class.

Better understanding of content. According to a study by the U.S. Department of Education, "on average, students in online learning conditions performed modestly better than those receiving face-to-face instruction." The department of education found out that students who take online classes perform better that those who use face to face instruction way of learning

Then it is no surprise that webinars are getting more and more adopted worldwide as a new form of online education. But which is the best free webinar software for online education? Cisco WebEx, GotoWebinar, ezTalks or Skype? Honestly speaking, ezTalks is the most cost-effective and comprehensive one by equipped itself with powerful features like live recording for playback, screening sharing, whiteboard and remote control. Sign up free and start your mini webinar for online education right away!clipart picture source:netclipart|seekclipart|pinclipart|clipartwiki|jing.fm|clipartmax

Note: In today’s job market, webinars also help employees to be more competitive by getting educated over the internet without having to take leave. You can check How Business Benefits from Webinars to learn more.

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