How to Host A Webinar Easily

In an era where Internet access is soaring and business budgets are being reduced, webinars are becoming very popular. A webinar is a web based seminar, that often includes more than 20 participants and is mainly used to conduct large scale meetings, lectures, workshops and presentations. Because webinars are web based and are conducted online, they allow businesses to save on catering, venues and travel which are usually associated with traditional or face to face seminars.

how to host a webinar

Why Need to Host Webinars?

It is a fact that webinars rock! They are taking the various aspects of business like marketing by storm. They allow real time audio conferencing or multi-cast video conferencing meetings to occur even when the members come from different regions. This is mainly made possible via technologies such as TCP/IP. A good example of a great webinar service is ezTalks Meetings. Here are the main benefits that the webinar hosting brings:

• Convenient. A webinar allows you to interact with customers, business colleagues and partners around the globe without traveling or having them leave their offices or homes.

• Help with Your Promotions. According to research, videos enhance people's understanding of the issues by over 70 percent. This basically means that having a live video explaining or demonstrating features of your product or service can have a significant effect on how your audience perceive your business.

• Interaction with Your Customers. Instead of guessing what other participants want, why don't you just ask them! When you present information in real time, you can also ask questions or seek clarifications on areas that interest them.

• Relationship Building. At the very least, a webinar allows you to hear and interact with your audience. This helps you build your relationship and credibility to your employees, customers as well as business partners much faster than through text and pre-built videos.

• Offer Cost-Effective Solutions. Webinars offer cost effective solutions and some are even free. Those with a fee come with an assurance of more flexible features and benefits compared to the bugs and problems that come with free solutions.

How to Host A Webinar?

As mentioned earlier, ezTalks Meetings is a high quality cloud based audio and video conferencing service that offers both small and large businesses a podium for best webinar hosting. It gives you the power to host a webinar for free for up to 100 participants. Or you can also upgrade to its premium plans which offers both annual and monthly subscriptions for both web and video conferencing to host up to 500-participant webinars.

ezTalks Meetings provides you with cross platform chat, screen sharing, HD video and audio as well as an ingenious online whiteboard tool that aims to deliver a user friendly yet comprehensive webinar and online meeting solution. The service also supports playback, scheduling and recording features that allow you to send reminders about an upcoming event or to share recordings efficiently. Apart from having many extra but handy features like lock meeting, kick out and permit speak, ezTalks Meetings also gives users the flexibility to join or host webinars from any tablet, laptop or mobile device.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Host Webinars

Step 1. Download ezTalks Meetings

Before you start using the service, you will have to download the latest version of ezTalks Meetings via ezTalks Download center. Install it on your Windows PC, Mac, or Android/iOS device and then launch it. If you're a Windows user, you can click the download button to download the Windows version on your computer.

webinar hosting

Step 2. Sign Up

Click or tap "Sign Up" to register your account. A page will pop up for you to fill in your email address and password. You will be sent an email via the email address you provided. Go to your email open the email and then click Activate account. Another page will pop up for to you to fill in your name and password and then lastly click "Activate Account."

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Step 3. Start Hosting a Webinar

Get your camera, speaker and microphone ready. Log in and tap or click "Start Meeting" to enter your personalized webinar room. To invite other people, click the "Invite button" to enter the webinar room. A window will pop up where you will input the other people's email addresses and then invite them to the webinar. Alternatively, you can just share the room's ID through the platform at the upper left corner for other people to join. ezTalks Meetings has a free solution that allows you to host a webinar of up to 100 participants for free.

host webinar

Bottom Line

The above tells you how to host a successful webinar. Webinars offer very effective solutions and definitely there are many invaluable reasons to run them. Whether it is for training, sales or lead generation, a webinar will not only get the job done but done well!



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