8 Best Webinar Apps You Should Give A Try

In the landscape of the global economy, with virtual assistants and viral marketing, businesses need ways to communicate with employees, consumers and partners from all over the world in real time. To service this need, some companies are constantly developing ways to facilitate these interactions with newer and more effective apps. Thus, there emerge the webinar apps. These apps allow companies to communicate to large groups of people at one time, without the costs that comes from international calls and the restrictions of conference calls. Below I’ll present 8 of the best webinar apps for you.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting from ezTalks is one of the most popular webinar apps in the world today. With 3 different payment types and integration with Facebook, Google and Outlook, among others, it is designed to fit into a company’s needs regardless of whether you are a small start-up coaching firm, or a multinational corporation requiring ultimate flexibility in dealing with your overseas operations.

Starting at the smaller end of the spectrum, the free option of this webinar app allows you to host up to 100 members in a meeting for free and with a 40-min time limit, would fit a business at the smaller need of the market. As with all the Cloud meeting plans, the free versions are set up of HD voice and video, so your clients will see and hear you clearly, as well as the ability to set the screen as either Full screen or grid view. Throw in unlimited number of meetings, app and screen sharing, the capacity of hosting online meetings instantly or scheduling online meetings at fixed time, and recording or playback facilities in built, this is a suite to be reckoned with.

The Pro Suite (from 12.99/host/month) has all the awesome features of the Starter version, but increases your capacity in a big way. No longer limited to 40 mins per meeting, you can talk as long as you need to with unlimited time on any meeting size. Not only that, you can now have up to 500 participants in your meetings. Included are user management and admin feature controls giving you an added level of control over your meetings, and reporting structure to collect data on the meeting, to ensure you are spending your time wisely.

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2. Zoom

Zoom, currently at version 4.0 has come a long way since its first release, and while it has a lot of the same features as ezTalks Cloud Meeting as a free webinar app, once you get into the paid versions, you’ll start to notice the differences. Firstly, they offer 3 paid options, so there is slightly more variation in price, but the Pro suite coming in at 20.99 per month for essentially the same product as ezTalks Cloud Meeting Pro offering, and the Business Suite (27.99/mth) only really adding the ability to customize your URL, it does feel like you’re paying more for what is essentially the same product

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3. GoToWebinar

A hugely popular platform, particularly in the Network Marketing / MLM world, this is an incredible webinar app to use if you have a very reliable Internet connection. If not, you may have real difficulties with audio clarity and video lag. Which would be fine if it was a free product (you get what you pay for) but with the starting price of $105 per month (there is no free option), you are not getting value for money when compared to other products on the market. That being said, for your customers and clients the free iPhone and Android app, are both work very well, again if the Internet connection is strong.

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4. Skype

With the latest updates of this program, Microsoft’s ubiquitous video call app has branched out into the online meeting. Relatively easy to use and integrating seamlessly with the rest of the Office 365 family of programs, both as a desktop webinar and as a mobile app, if you’re not looking at having meetings over 250 people (the current limit). This may well work for you, particularly if you are a smaller operation or need to keep a close hold on your outgoings.

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5. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is another great app for webinars and online meetings for small business and startups. A 30-day free trial, followed with a range of mid-priced options starting at $25/mth for 250 attendees up to $165 for 5,000 attendees. Customizable URLs are available for all price brackets and while the ability to link your account with Facebook is a little strange for a product aimed at businesses, the ease of use may be very tempting for those not hugely comfortable using technology.

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6. Webinato

Since 2004, Webinato has been working and innovating the world of webinars. Their latest offering is getting rave reviews from users and with Amazon and Hubspot using their program for training and marketing presentations, there is clearly things here worth looking at. Like most of the industry, Webinato comes with multiple price points from $119/mth (if billed annually) to $699/mth (billed annually). The big difference with this webinar application is that it also allows you to prerecord webinars and then schedule them to play later as well as create on demand video content that can then be viewed later.

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7. Livestorm

A simple and straight forward design with clean lines and simple operation, makes Livestorm a very clean and attractive webinar desktop app. Quick and easy setup while still looking slick and professional is a big selling point for this product. Starting at $100 per month if you pay annually, it is again in the middle of the pack in regards to price, and with clear audio and video looking great. It is a worthy addition to this list.

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8. WebinarsOnAir

This webinar application is built on top of the existing Google Hangouts structure, but is designed to allow you to sell products in the Hangouts (something that is against the Google Hangouts terms of agreement) while keeping the functionality and ease of use that made Hangouts the breakout star it was. Now, while it isn’t a free webinar app, unlike the Google app, it costs starting at $25/mth, it does still feel a lot like Hangouts and will provide you with an easy to learn platform or an app you can just straight into if you already know how Hangouts works.

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This is by no means and exhaustive list of webinar apps, and there are new ones being developed or old ones being upgraded all the time. The ones on this list though, we believe offer some of the best features, options and price points to fit with any company’s needs.



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