Webinar Software Reviews: 7 Free Webinar Platforms

Web conferencing is an essential tool for a variety of people ranging from small business operators, bloggers, and companies all the way to various institutions. Webinar software has provided a way through which people to be able to communicate easily with their customers and employees. There are great free webinar software which one can enjoy their use without having to pay a fee. Each is designed with different specifications and purposes, thus it is necessary to do a free webinar software review.

1. Google+ Hangouts

It is one of great free webinar tools that allows you to connect to up to ten people over video or voice call. It only requires that you have a free Google+ account and with that, you get to enjoy its benefits. In addition, it allows you to share photos and emojis during your video or call session. It can also be used for instant messaging within a group of people or for one on one messaging. However, it limits the number of people who can be on both the live audio or video conferencing.

google hangouts

2. ezTalks Meetings

This free webinar software allows you to connect, through video or voice call, on one on one or one to many levels with other people. It supports up to one hundred people all at the same time, therefore, more convenient than some of the other types which can only support a smaller number of people. ezTalks Meetings also comes with features that enable you to share files, even privately, with other people. It allows one to record the sessions which is important for setting future agendas for coming meetings. To add on that, it has collaborative features such as whiteboards which make meetings more effective.

eztalks cloud meeting

3. Meeting Burner

It is another free webinar software. Nevertheless, it comes with great features that will make your web conferencing to be amazing. It allows you to connect ten people through live meetings. Through it, you can be able to share documents and information with the other people effectively. It comes with an advantage of a beautiful interface which is easy to use. The disadvantage that it has is that it does not come with a mobile application hence cannot be used on your mobile devices. However, their web application works greatly.

meeting burner

4. Skype

Though it initially started as a social networking software, Skype has evolved over the past and is being used by businesses as a tool for video conferencing. Skype is very user-friendly and thus it is convenient as it does not require a lot of know-how to use it. However, it is limited to a maximum of ten people for group video call. It, however, supports collaborative tools. Therefore, it can be convenient for small groups as it can be good for team building. In addition, it allows instant messaging either one on one or through a group.


5. BigBlueButton

This is a web conferencing software is suitable for use as an online learning tool. The collaborative tools such as the whiteboard and ability to make PDF presentations make it more effective for learning and presentations among students or with workmates. In addition, one can be able to interact with students or the employees through a public or private session. Like ezTalks Meetings software, Big Blue Button allows you to record the sessions and thus can be used later for reference.


6. Join.Me

This webinar software comes with great collaborative tools such as the whiteboard. Its duration for video and audio calls are unlimited unlike some of the other webinar software. The number of participants is however limited to up to ten people. However, its other features such as allowing one to share screen time makes it work it. Participants can also chat and share information simultaneously as the call goes on. Join.Me is also available for use on mobile devices.


7. AnyMeeting

This free webinar is convenient for presentation. It allows up to six live video presenters at the same time. Like many other webinars, it allows one to be able to share screen with the participants. The downside of AnyMeeting is that it does not have a whiteboard unlike other types of free webinars. This, therefore, makes it hard for one to make highlights or draw something during the presentation.



These are the free webinar software reviews for some of webinars platforms that have been developed over the years. It is evident that there are many webinar software that are available. When you compare the different webinars, you can be able to understand the one which will serve the purpose which you need it for. You should, therefore, compare webinar software before choosing one that will allow you to host the meetings or seminars effectively.



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