ezTalks Whiteboard is full-featured interactive whiteboard, enabling teams to realize real-time collaboration, sharing visualized ideas, enhancing video conferencing experiences, and improving tutoring sessions. Online Whiteboard is a dynamic and instant method of explaining, training, planning, brainstorming during the online meeting for a business. No one enterprise could deny collaborative whiteboard as a decent and effective team collaboration tool to exchange ideas and lay out plans. 

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What is Interactive Whiteboard

Whiteboard | Training

Released in 1991, the whiteboard has been a tool used worldwide. And now it is already a must-have tool in every school and undoubtedly one of the most important assets for developing fundamental skills for any student. But, what actually is an interactive whiteboard?

By: Chris Lee Jan 18, 2017

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How ezTalks Helps to Demonstrate New Products Online

ezTalks Tips | File Sharing

How to launch a new product in a fast and effective way? It is maybe too slow for us to see effect using traditional marketing strategies. With the rapid development of technology, more and more companies are taking the advantages of using HD video to demonstrate products online.

By: Chris Lee Jan 18, 2017

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