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5 Free Interactive Whiteboard Software

The utilization of interactive whiteboard software has become altogether over the previous decade. Schools and organizations are utilizing the innovation to enhance learning as well as encourage correspondence and move joint effort. Intelligent whiteboards offer a scope of devices that make gatherings and introductions over a video conferencing simpler. They can bolster multi-media materials including writings, pictures, and sound and video, which make presentations more individual whiteboards are not limited to paper records, chalks and additionally cards. Consequently, it's something each business or school ought to consider receiving. Here we'd like to introduce top 5 free interactive whiteboard software for all people who are in need.


1. ezTalks 

Best Free Whiteboard Software

  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Fluent Group Video/Audio/IM Chat
  • Screen Sharing and Annotation
  • Free for up to 100 Participants
  • Record and Playback
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Rest of this video conferencing programming like ezTalks Meetings give advantageous interactive whiteboard choices. With the product, you can share, get to, alter and share critical documents on the whiteboard with no bother. Associates don't need to take notes amid the meeting. That implies they can be more engaged while connecting with each other in a community session. The ezTalks intuitive whiteboard include additionally enables meeting pioneers and members to underscore on critical points of interest continuously.



2. Groupboard

It is a free interactive whiteboard software that allows the user to draw and chat in real time on the internet with other users. This whiteboard type software allows sharing of messages on the same channel thus improving interaction among the users. The group board provides a link on setting up of the whiteboard, which is used to share messages with others. Text chats on group board are either private or group messages and can also be sent by selecting the username. Groupboard has a password protection which helps in securing a private collaboration.


3. Open-sank More

It is a multi-platform, open-source software for interactive whiteboards compatible with every type of interactive hardware whose range of tools varies according to the user needs such as professional and specialized use and is translated into many languages. The open sank more is adapted to all DITS and interactive tools such as digital interactive tables, graphic tablet and PC tablets. It helps in creating thematic interest groups. Open sank more can be displayed in a modern browser thus allowing its content creators to distribute their lessons without the need to install the software. The open score fixes bugs, whiteboard improves performances and brings numerous new features such as new exercises for students thus improving their interactive Whiteboard.


4. Web

This is a unique type of smart interactive whiteboard software which allows you to use a smartphone or a tablet to draw sketches. It also allows collaboration with other online users, engaging in the sharing of ideas on the arena, thus providing a common ground for the interaction of people with same abilities and talents as well as sharing your thoughts with the world. A web whiteboard is simple to use, fast and has enough features to enable you to draw and write effectively.


5. Doceri

The Doceri combines screen casting, computer manipulation and an interactive whiteboard in one app. It allows the user to create a presentation, insert portraits and edit as well as file a screencast video that can be shared with ease. The Doceri's app controls are easy to navigate and produce high-quality videos which can be shared through email, YouTube, Facebook or your camera rolls. The Doceri screen is divided into two, the bottom screen which serves as the control remote and the top screen which is used for displaying the section of the projected content.



Interactive whiteboards are presently a central piece of learning foundations and organizations. They don't just bring more exceptional proficiency and comfort in adapting additionally encourage engagement and drive execution. As should be obvious, the intuitive whiteboard preferences are many to the point that any learning establishment or corporate organization can't stand to disregard. Receiving the cloud-based video conferencing or web-based meeting framework with intelligent whiteboards may require some budgetary duty however it pays over the long haul. For students and organizations that utilization of whiteboards execution and achievement is virtually inescapable.


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