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7 Interactive Whiteboard Advantages

The use of interactive whiteboards has grown significantly over the past decade. Schools and businesses are not only using the technology to improve learning but to also foster communication and inspire collaboration. Interactive whiteboards offer a range of tools that make meetings and presentations over a video conferencing easier. They can support multi-media materials including texts, images, audio and video, which make presentations more elaborate. Unlike the traditional whiteboards, interactive whiteboards are not restricted to paper documents, chalks and/or cards. Hence it's something every business or school should consider adopting.

Here Are Main Advantages of Interactive Whiteboard:

1. Improves Learning among Students and Employees

Interactive whiteboards are basically designed to help people participating in a class or meeting better understand a given concept. Some students and/or employees are good at grasping information presented in spoken word while others find it easier to master concepts brought out in visual form. Whiteboards allow for multiple formats of relaying information to participants of a meeting or class. That increases the level of information absorption, synthesis and retention.

The online interactive whiteboard is easier to use. Once each student has been connected to the online cloud meeting, he or she will be able to view and follow through what the teacher or colleague is presenting. While on the same page, multiple attendees can see and even edit the interactive screen shared by the presenter. Everything is simply shared and discussed in real-time.

2. Increases Engagement among Meeting Participants

Most corporate meetings, done over a video conferencing system, spend a lot of time on one-way presentations. As much as the information shared through PowerPoint digital slides might be important, it doesn't often spur further discussions. But with interactive whiteboards, colleagues can engage one another more elaborately when discussing a project plan or solving a certain business problem.

Top video conferencing software like ezTalks Cloud Meeting provide convenient interactive whiteboard options. With the software, you can share, access, edit and save important files on the whiteboard without any hassle. Colleagues do not necessarily need to take notes during the meeting. That means they can be more focused when engaging one another in a collaborative session. The ezTalks interactive whiteboard feature also allows meeting leaders and participants to emphasize on crucial details in real-time. That facilitates immediate feedback, quick identification of grey areas and strong affirmation or correction of key points.

3. Enhances Collaboration

Making a business presentation or teaching a class mostly involves feeding information to a group of individual. That may deny participants the opportunity of engaging themselves fully in the learning process. Use of interactive whiteboards encourages everyone to be part of the learning process or corporate discussions rather than simply being recipients of the already prepared information. Cross team collaboration brings more unique ideas to the table, inspires new direction and increases productivity. In the learning environment, interactive whiteboards can foster learning of new things, in-depth coverage of topics and improved performance.

4. Facilitates Better Communication

Interactive whiteboard tools can allow a presenter to either share files at the meeting or share a screen for remote attendees to view the information. That means regardless of the location of the attendee, he or she will be served with exactly the same information being shared in the meeting. Also, that ensures members are on the same page and that all attendees move forward together.

In any case, meeting attendees can record information shared during the whiteboarding session for later playback and review. The meeting leader can also email, print and/or share all the information discussed in the meeting to absent employees.

5. Allows For Effective Annotation of Documents

One of the benefits of using interactive whiteboard is that you can make persistent and elaborate changes to files during a presentation. For instance, ezTalks whiteboard allows users to utilize 3D models, video links, hyperlinks, estimates and other applications during a presentation. That improves communication and makes updating information much easier. Interactive whiteboards allow for clear and concise writing, which makes it harder for anyone to misconstrue the document.

Annotating documents on an interactive whiteboard also allows students to take note of important points in class. It can be even more useful if they record the presentation session for later playback. A student can find it easier to revisit and revise the notes of the previous classes or topics. And what's more, he or she can always refer to the updated notes at any time and from anywhere.

6. Allows For Interconnectivity with Mobile Devices

Use of interactive whiteboards is not only limited to computers that are connected to video conferencing system. Users can actually connect the whiteboards to Android and iOS smart devices. It only requires one to download a single application that will facilitate compatibility. With that, students and colleagues can enjoy unlimited data sharing options and advanced interconnectivity. In the long run, students and colleagues can enjoy a more convenient, efficient and productive learning or collaborative process. That minimizes physical interaction while steering performance in class or at work.

7. Facilitates Sharing Of Information through Touch Technology

When using interactive whiteboards, you can enjoy the convenience of using your fingers to note your point. You do not need any mouse, pointers or ink anywhere on the computer screen. This is not definitely possible in document sharing. But with whiteboards, multiple individuals can annotate a document or file while engaged in group discussions. That makes sharing of information on digital whiteboards instant, convenient and elaborate. All you need is to have well-functioning desktop computer, laptop or smartphone and a video conferencing system or software that's whiteboard enabled.


Interactive whiteboards are now a critical part of learning institutions and businesses. They do not only bring greater efficiency and convenience in learning but also foster engagement and drive performance. As you can see, the interactive whiteboard advantages are so many that any learning institution or corporate company can’t afford to ignore. Adopting the video conferencing or online meeting system with interactive whiteboards might require some financial commitment but it pays in the long run. With such a robust technology, students and/or corporate groups can meaningfully engage with one another in interactive and collaborative sessions. That allows both the presenter and participants to explore numerous possibilities in business ideas or academic knowledge that was previously unknown. For learning institutions and companies that use interactive whiteboards performance and success is simply inevitable.


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