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Top 5 Interactive Whiteboards for Business

You can easily use video conferencing services to conduct live meetings even with the remote attendees, and it gives you the feel as if all of you were present in the same room. However, what when you need all the video conference attendees to be a part of a whiteboard session? Well, no worries, as you can easily find an interactive whiteboard for business use that can help solve this problem. But what is the best interactive whiteboard for business, if this is what you are now wondering then go through the list given below.

1. ExplainEverything

ExplainEverything is a popular interactive whiteboard for business that has more than 4.2 million users. It is a highly interactive whiteboard, very simple to use, and allows you to narrate, annotate, and animate drawings, images, and documents. It is also very easy to export and import almost anything from anywhere using this tool.

Though it was initially designed to be used by educators, the intuitive and simple user interface and the ease with which you can collaborate with many users in real-time has made this tool immensely popular in the business world. If you want the remote attendees of your meeting to be a part of the collaborative session, all you need to do is send them a unique code which the tool will generate for you, and you are good to go. The number of people who can share the whiteboard together depends on the subscription you opt for.

2. RealtimeBoard

RealtimeBoard has been created to make your cross team collaboration experience even better. Once you enter its whiteboard sessions you will feel as if all the attendees are in the same room, no matter how distant a location they may actually be in. The organizers may create a whiteboard and then share it with the attendees of the meeting through a link. Once every participant joins they can see the changes happening in the whiteboard and also get to know who is making these changes with the help of the collaborator cursor. Those who purchase the premium or team account can also create and participate in whiteboard sessions through screen sharing.

3. ezTalks

Your search for the best interactive whiteboard for business is most likely to end with ezTalks. The free video conferencing software has the best interactive whiteboard which helps draw unshaped ideas with highlighter, pencil, and you can use an eraser when needed. You may also capture screen and use many other interesting tools. The reason behind the growing popularity of ezTalks is the ease with which you can use not only its innovative whiteboard but other features too, including instant screen and content sharing, HD audio and video, cross-platform chat, and so on.


4. LiveBoard

LiveBoard certainly deserves a place in this list of the best interactive whiteboard for business. This tool is feature-rich, you get this free of cost, and perhaps this makes it all the more popular. LiveBoard provides meeting organizers and allows you to collaborate with many team members at the same time. It also allows you to access and save many boards from its searchable gallery. Once you save the boards you can anytime share it with anyone via social media or email.

5. Jot

Jot! initially may look like a very simple interactive whiteboard, but it offers great features and ensures a great real-time experience. Using this tool all the attendees can take part in whiteboard sessions by sketching ideas on the board (on their mobile phone) using their fingers, and share it right away with other attendees. You can also save sessions and email them as photos to other members.

Drawing and writing have proven to help increase the ability of a person to think more creatively, retain knowledge, and solve problems easily. As these activities involve your brain in a way that texting or typing does not, a whiteboard session thus can prove to be very beneficial, helping you and your teammates explore new ideas and new ways to make your business grow, and to enjoy more profits. However, while selecting a tool that allows remote attendees to participate in a whiteboard session you need to be careful. Make sure to opt for one that together with being interactive, also allows many users to make real-time changes, as this will make things very convenient for all the participants, and prove to be immensely productive for the entire session.

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