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Why Apple TV is a Better Platform than Interactive Whiteboard

From a student's point of view, the attraction to the Apple devices is certainly an aspect to be considered when adopting the interactive scholar approach and presenting lessons in an effective way. As you may know, interactive whiteboards are installed in almost every classroom now, but often fail to meet the expectations of the students or in other words, fail to give the interaction they need.

apple tv system

With every classroom nowadays having an interactive whiteboard and projector, we can say that schools adopted a smart way of teaching lessons, however, with a major fallback that was not considered—the advanced rise of technology nowadays.

Simply, when you are adopting a new technology nowadays, everything is great and the main idea is to improve the processes in a slightly better way. However, from a cost-effective side of view as well as practical one, there is a large variety of alternatives to be considered.

Today the mobile aspect is available for everything. For example, you can send mails, add notes or even work directly from your phone as there are so many apps having made a real difference in how we function and definitely making us more mobile.

Apple, with its Apple TV device has again shifted the world to another technology. Although schools often fail to see the great benefits, we are going to present them here. In fact, Apple TV is a small device which connects directly to your projector without any computer to be used. After it's connected, you can mirror your iPad screen on it which allows students to see it on the projector as well. From this basic aspect only, you can certainly see how Apple TV wins against any interactive whiteboard or online whiteboard software and introduces flexibility as well as mobility into the schools.

The reason why we are crazy for iPhone and iPad is that they are actually integrated in every way possible. With the Apple TV connected to such device, making handwritten notes, drawing diagrams and finding new files can be done in a second.

Now let’s take a look at the costs, an Apple TV costs nearly $100. Obviously, an iPad as its main driver can be found from $329 to $499. The HDMI converters and powered speakers give us a price of nearly $200 in total. Namely, a full Apple TV system takes around $700 in total.

But if we look at the interactive whiteboard system, the prices are much higher. Note that most whiteboards the school may consider start at $1200 and the technology is old. With this in mind, the Apple TV system is doubled up in cost-effectiveness and incredibly better in flexibility.

To conclude, the Apple TV interactive system unlocks the common teacher panel to the internet and makes both teachers and students fully aware of its possibilities. In other words, Apple TV has redeveloped and redesigned the interactive learning process in a cheaper way than ever before!

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