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How to Set Up TV Video Conference

With so many workers now operating from remote locations or from home using the internet on their different devices, good communication is absolutely crucial. When you need to speak with your team and have real time discussions about issues in your business, the best way to do this is to set up a video conference on your smart TV. The process has become much simpler now but not with the "idiot-free" setup process. So this article is for people who want to use the latest TV video conference equipment and learn how to set it up, without any brain strain.

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Steps to Start Smart TV Video Conferencing Using ezTalks Onion(Meet S)

*(ezTalks Onion is the All-in-One Device that Compatible with Multiple Video conferencing Software)

1) First, you need to purchase your TV video conferencing equipment. In this case we are using ezTalks Onion.

This particular equipment is not just a simple webcam type device but a complete package including sophisticated audio and video systems to give you the highest quality resolution. It has a built-in microphone, HD speakers and a camera at a stunning 1080 pixels.

2) Connect it to the TV with an HDMI cable.

HDMI stands for High-Definition Media Interface. It’s not just an ordinary cable like your power cable, it connects devices so they can transmit high definition video and audio signals.

3) Connect the power cable.

4) Mount the ezTalks Onion on the TV so it is sitting at the top.

5) Take your mobile phone and find the ezTalks app, install it then sign in.

6) Add ezTalks Onion to your app by scanning the QR code to your phone.

A QR code is like a barcode in that it can take a piece of information and quickly insert it into a data reader like your phone. QR actually stands for quick response. Once the QR is in your phone you can access details about the particular product it relates to. In this case it will be the ezTalks Onion and its data will be transferred to your phone, allowing you to easily access the relevant information. Hold the mobile up to the Onion camera and align the QR close to it.

7) Set the ezTalks Onion network

8) Connect to your WiFi network

The screen will tell you that it has connected.

9) Finish setting up as per the instructions on the screen

10) Look at your mobile and start your meeting and control it from the mobile or a computer or a tablet.

Some useful tips when you start your meeting to set up a test video conference on smart TV if you are dialing a new number and make sure you have the volume at the optimum level.

Benefits of TV Video Conferencing for Business

a) Reduced Travel costs

In the past, companies have had to bring in staff from many different areas to have conferences, which was not only time consuming but very expensive with airfares and often accommodation as well.

b) Tools for collaboration

Apart from the video conference TV equipment itself, there are also many software programs designed to improve collaboration in tandem with it, such desktop sharing, availability of files to all participants, contact files and many others.

c) Increased Productivity

With all the new time-saving tools available, especially the TV video conferencing equipment and the ability of staff to work from virtually anywhere, productivity can be increased. Often staff feels more motivated by the freedom to work outside the main office, especially if they have young children or live in an area that is far from their main office or tv video conferencing for home. They can avoid tedious hours wasting time in traffic.

d) Interviewing staff

Video conferencing allows a more effective interview process when searching for staff or staff evaluations.

e) Improved Business Contacts

Video conferencing TV is not only for use within a company but also for meetings with customers, either actual or potential. Sometimes it’s not really practical to meet personally with customers or suppliers and video conferencing makes it possible to communicate on a very personal level, as close as possible to real life.

f) Advanced Teamwork

Your staff can have access to the very best and latest thinking from their colleagues in other parts of the country or the world. You needn’t be involved as they contribute their ideas and make decisions, or you may choose to be involved at whatever level you want.

With all these benefits it is easy to see why this medium is developing so rapidly. With this development prices, are falling and the equipment is becoming more user-friendly.

The instructions above will make the use of TV video conferencing more available to many businesses and homes. This medium can only grow and become more a routine part of any business. Learning how to use it now will make future experiences with this breakthrough technology only easier.

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